Anupama 27th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Plays Victim Card Again

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Anupama 27th January 2022 Written Episode

Anuj and Anupama continue to work till late night at office. Anu falls asleep on sofa. Anuj drapes his blazer around her and falls alseep on the other side of sofa. Mera Chand Mujhe Aaya Hai Nazar.. song plays in the background. Anu wakes u and drapes blazer over him and falls asleep on another sofa. Anuj wakes up, drapes blazer over Anu again, and falls asleep again snoring. Anu in sleep asks him stop snoring and let her sleep. Next morning, Malvika returns to office and wakes them up in her witty style. She offers them fresh clothes and tooth paste brush and asks Anu to prepare sandwich for them for breakfast. Anuj says tea would be better with sandwich. Anu agrees. Malvika asks if Kavya came as its her first day of work. Anu nods no. Malvika goes to check on Vanraj. Anuj and Anu notice desk messed up and clean it. She nervously asks if she snored last night. He says does she. She says she sometimes when she is too tired. He says same with him and says its good Mukku brought clothes to change or else it would have been time waste. Anu says if they work hard like this, their restaurant will be launched soon. He says it would be better than they thought as she is with him. She says he is with her.

Vanraj gets ready for office and asks Toshu if he is ready. Toshu says he will come later as he as a meeting with architect. Kavya gets into Anuj’s car and says when they are going to same place, why can’t they go together. He frowns. Baa asks Toshu to go with Vanraj. Toshu says he is going for site visit. Baa says Kavya and Vanraj will fight again if they go alone. Toshu says they will not change with his advice, so he doesn’t want to interfere.

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While having breakfast, Malvika taunts Anu and Anuj when are they marrying. Anu feels nervous. Anuj says Anu told her that she can’t be doing this all the time. Vanraj walks in. Malvika says she forgot that he has a meeting with Vanraj. Anuj asks Vanraj to join them for breakfast. Vanraj says its okay. Anu offers him breakfast. He says he already had breakfast. She says he hasn’t. He says when she can sense he is hungry, why can’t she sense whom he likes around. She says she is not his babysitter to check what he eats and whom he meets, she just asked him out of concern.

Kavya enters and takes Anu’s signatures on HR documents. Vanraj gets jealous noticing that and tells Mukku that her Mumbai restaurant proposal is good and they should go ahead as Mumbai is the best place from business point of view. Malvika says she bounced this idea just like that and if he liked it, lets do it. He says she is the final authority. He says he has more experience and intelligence, so lets do it. Anupama says both partners should take a decision together. Anuj says experience counts in business along with fresher approach, so they should think well before taking any step. Malvika says she will. Anu suggests her to launch Ahmedabad project first. Vanraj taunts relationship or business, they should speak only if they are dear ones, he means Mukku doesn’t need any babysitter. He tells Mukku that having food together is okay, but they should separate business and personal relationship. Mukku says they are competitors. Vanraj smirks at Anu. Anu says though project is Mukku’s, she is her dear one, so she advised her to launch Ahmedabad project first and then think of Mumbai. Anuj says Anu is right. Malvika shouts that he has become wife’s slave even before marriage, its their project and they will take a decision; she tells Vanraj that they should go ahead and can discuss about it in next conference room. Vanraj grinning at Anu wishes her all the best and walks away. Anu tells Anu that though Mumbai project looks like a professional decision, but it seems a personal grudge. She says yes, Mr Shah is up to something.

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Malvika notices Vanraj’s venting out his frustration on laptop keyboard and questions him. He says fate brings him repeatedly in front of people whom he wants to stay away from; he started business with her, she turned out to be Anuj’s sister; Anu is already present here, now Kavya also joined; he doesn’t speak, but it hurts even him; everyone want him to reconcile with Kavya, but he doesn’t want to; if Kavya had demanded a divorce, everyone would have asked him to let her move on, but when he wants to, they are making Kavya a victim; everyone have double standards; he cannot tolerate Kavya at house and now has to tolerate her even in office. Malvika says Kavya needed a job. Vanraj says Anu would have got her a job at some other office, she did it purposefully. Malvika says he should ignore her whenever she comes in front of him. He says she will remind him of their fights and bitter memories and Malvika knows better how a person feels when a person’s bitter memories haunt her/him. He says Kavya threatened to file a fake domestic violence case on him and send his family to jail; not only woman can be a victim always, even man can; Kavya tricked and took away his property, he didn’t file a case against her due to his good nature; even men feel pain when they are hurt. He shows his evil expression seeing Malvika getting affected by his victim card play. Malvika says these things happen, so they should move on and concentrate on work; they can even change the office, but she doesn’t want to right now as Anu suggested to face her face fiercely; she is there for his support always. He walks away seeing his plan failing and fumes seeing Kavya and Anu together.

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Precap: Anu tells Anuj that she is going home and will return in 1 hour. She visits Shah house with Kavya. Vanraj yells she brought back this woman home. Anu says this woman’s name is Kavya Vanraj Shah. Vanraj with his usual evil expression says a sautan and enemy become a friend.

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