Anupama 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Leela Slaps Vanraj

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Anupama twenty sixth November 2020 Written Episode

Anupama returns house with household and feels unhappy seeing household’s unhappy faces. She reminisces Rakhi asking if she is going to get Pakhi married in a household the place a father is happening honeymoon as a substitute of getting daughter married. Dolly reminisces Rakhi identical. Baa reminisces Rakhi telling her that Anupama fell unconscious the opposite day after seeing Vanraj on her mattress with Kavya. Toshu reminisces Rakhi breaking his alliance with Kinjal. Anu prepares snacks and milk considering everybody have to be hungry. She serves Pakhi, Toshu, after which requests Bapuji to have some milk and biscuits after which his tablets. He doesn’t reply. She asks if he is not going to hearken to his daughter. He says he thought of her daughter, however she didn’t think about him as father, therefore didn’t complain him about Vanraj. He walks away. She walks behind and requests once more. He says she silently suffered as a bahu, however a daughter may have shared her ordeal with him; if she thought as Vanraj’s dad and mom, they’ll help him. She says his daughter bought afraid, she wished to cry of their lap and complain, however she couldn’t considering they’ll cease trusting their upbringing after figuring out fact; she thought she is getting what’s written in her destiny and didn’t need to give them sorrows, however she forgot that they’re fingers of 1 hand, although they’re totally different they’re connected to a identical hand. She continues requesting to not hassle himself for her errors. Bapuji consumes medicines and asks her to inform when and the way this occurred. She stands crying whereas Samar, Toshu, Sanjay look nervous. Bapuji asks if all of them knew from earlier than, his daughter stored him in darkish, however they might have spoken earlier, at the very least they need to inform entire fact now. Anu requests to let it go and never scratch outdated wounds. Baa shouts to cease her pravachan and inform since when this is happening. Sanjay says 8 years. Anu walks to kitchen crying whereas Bapuji and Baa shatter listening to 8 years.

Vanraj returns house and walks to door. Baa stands on door. He says Baa. Baa slaps him and says she is feeling ashamed to name herself as his mom. She drags Anu in entrance and says since Anu grew to become bahu, she tried to search out solely defects in her and ignored all her good qualities, she thought she is unfit for his gifted and properly competent son, she didn’t lose a single probability in scolding Anu since 25 years; she curses her mother-in-law even now for placing a coal in her diamond-like son’s destiny, however didn’t know her diamond will smear her face black; when Anu didn’t serve him meals for 25 years, she thought of Anu unsuitable and yelled at her, however didn’t notice that she is bearing insult defending Vanraj; Bapuji grew to become father from father-in-law, however she didn’t turn into an excellent mom or mother-in-law; she at all times used to really feel happy with her son who earns properly and at all times made household eat what he likes; she tongue lashes everybody, however needed to bear Rakhi’s tongue lashing for bearing a characterless son like him. She cries profusely. Anu consoles her. She apologizes Anu for taunting and insulting her and bearing a son like Vanraj.

Kavya panics in her house considering what have to be occurring at Vanraj’s home, she is going to die in stress. Baa continues scolding Vanraj that he’s a father of three youngsters and must get them married, however he’s on a lavish spree as a substitute; he was on a honeymoon journey after they had been attempting repair Toshu’s wedding ceremony. She insists him to inform why he did this. He shouts Anupama…

Precap: Vanraj shouts at Baa that she bought Anu married to him who can not even deserve to face in entrance of him. He whisks Anu shouting she is accountable for all this. Bapuji pushes him away and says he would have been higher childless as a substitute of bearing a son like him.

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