Anupama 26th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Leela Blames Anupama For The Problems In Vanraj’s Life

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Anupama 26th May 2022 Written Episode

Anupama rejoices seeing a new stove in the kitchen and thinks she will prepare halwa for her first kitchen ritual as GK and Anuj love it. She searches for lighter. Anuj enters and switches on the stove and says its automatic as he didn’t want his Anu to waste time in searching for a lighter. Anu excitedly says its too good and asks him to teach how to use it. Vanraj walks on the road fuming recalling Kavya’s taunts and divorce demand. Anuj helps Anupama in kitchen. Anupama asks why is he doing this. He reminds her that he promised to share the household work with her. She smells him halwa. He says its nice. Tum Hi Hamari Ho Manzil My Love… song plays in the background.

He asks her to call Samar as he had called last night to inform about Vanraj’s grandmother’s health issue. He calls Samar who doesn’t pick call. Anu says maybe he is asleep as children are tired after the rituals yesterday. He then calls Hasmukh and even he doesn’t pick call. Samar asks Hasmukh if he should call Anu back. Hasmukh says today is Anu’s first kitchen ritual and he doesn’t wants to spoilt it with their problems. Samar says he will message Anu later that they were tired and couldn’t wake up. Hasmukh hopes Anu doesn’t call Leela. He gets nervous seeing Leela’s changed behavior. Vanraj returns home and says he wants to make an announcement.

Anuj kisses Anupama’s cheek while preparig breakfast. Anupama feels shy and says GK may see them. He says there is nothing wrong in it and asks her to stop being at kitchen all the time unless it is not unnecessary. He furthe says she doesn’t have to be take care of him too much to express her love for him. Anupama feels shy. Anupama tells Anuj that taking care of others is in her nature and she will continue to do so, she will not spoil him though with her care. Anuj kisses her again, and she feels shy again. Anupama senses something is wrong at Shah house when no one receives her call.

Vanraj addresses family that he thought his anger would be gone along with Anupama, but his anger never would leave him. He further says that they need to handle the problem on their own as Anupma is gone out of their house now and he will take the responsibility of house again. He asks them to support him in fulfilling his responsibilities and he will show that he is capable to manage the house. Angry Leela asks family to pay attention to Vanraj’s words.

Youngsters video call Anupama. Anupama and Anuj receive the call and chat with them and Hasmukh. Leela as usual speaks rudely with Anupama indiirectly blaming her for the problems in Vanraj’s life. Hasmukh diverts the topcic and says Leela is angry on them for something else. He asks family not to inform Anupama about the issues at their house. Later, Anuj discusses with Anupama about a honeymoon trip, leaving Anupama blushing again.

Precap: Anuj and Anupama enjoy quality time at a beach. Hame Tumse Hua Hai Pyar Ab Kya Kare. Vanraj gets irked hearing Kavya chatting with Anirudh.

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