Anupama 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj And Anirudh Fight

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Anupama twenty sixth Could 2021 Written Episode

Vanraj after studying Anu’s biopsy report and confirming she has most cancers drags her to a room. Kavya tries to stroll behind them. Baa stops her and says her son and previous DIL can create drama themselves and don’t want her assist, so she shouldn’t disturb them. Anu asks Vanraj why is he creating drama. He asks if she is just not afraid. She says she desires to battle, so even he ought to cease worrying and battle. He says she wants his assist. She asks how can he make the whole lot his, even her sickness. He asks if she thinks he’s doing it for himself. She says sure, its her battle and she’s going to battle it alone because it was her choice to remain alone. He says stubbornness isn’t any good. She says she is cussed to herself and will likely be fully positive after surgical procedure, so he ought to cease worrying about her; he will get offended simply and will act regular generally, now he ought to go earlier than Kavya collapses. She opens door and sees Kavya standing. Vanraj walks to Kavya. Kavya says all of the doorways to again off have closed and he doesn’t have another possibility than transferring forward. Anu thinks when girls seeks helps, males assume she can’t do something alone, and when she doesn’t, they query why, she doens’t know what males want. She feels drowsy and sits down, thinks they’ll bother one another in the event that they keep collectively and prays god to ship her house quickly.

Samar rushes to Advaith and pleads him to save lots of his mummy as he learn on web that surgical procedure may be very troublesome. Advaith asks him to wish god as a substitute as docs can solely strive their greatest and he’ll strive his greatest. Samar asks if mummy will likely be positive. Advaith says folks say they need to assume optimistic, however the fact is there isn’t any assure. Samar asks if they will do one thing. Advaith says in fact, they need to encompass the issue and defeat it as docs will take care of surgical procedure and household ought to take care of braveness and happiness; unconscious thoughts may be very highly effective and once they determine they won’t die, their physique won’t die, so they’ll encourage Anupama a lot that her unconscious thoughts will give her energy.

Vanraj and Kavya head in direction of courtroom for Kavya’s divorce. Kavya says lastly the whole lot is going on as she thinks, his divorce is already finalized and her her divorce date is immediately, the whole lot is perfet. Vanraj is busy engrasped in ideas. She asks what occurred. He says nothing. She asks what occurred with Anu that he’s tensed. He asks her to not discuss marriage instantly after her divorce as he desires to postpone it. She warns to not repeat it once more and cease worrying about Anu as Dr. Advaith is there for that. Her lawyer calls her, and she or he informs him that she will likely be in courtroom on time. They attain courtroom. He asks why did carry him right here as he had visited courtroom simply 3 days in the past. She asks to cease behaving like this or else folks will assume its their divorce. Anirudh walks to them clapping and says nothing has modified, lovebird’s similar chirping and yelling; asks Vanraj how is he feeling and says since he received divorced lately, he ought to inform the way it feels when your individual spouse turns into a stranger and in addition educate how one can transfer; his divorce occurred 3 days in the past and he got here right here immediately for Kavya’s divorce, how determined he and Kavya are for marriage, he ought to have stopped listening to about his ex-wife’s sickness, they each simply don’t hassle about others. Vanraj angrily appears at Kavya. Anirudh warns him to cease his offended appears at Kavya as she remains to be his spouse until divorce. Vanraj holds his collar and Kavya shouts to cease their battle.

Nandini consoles Samar that Anu will likely be positive. Samar says mummy needed to bear injustice all the time, earlier household and now god is doing injustice to her, why mummy received this sickness. Nandini says anybody can get ailing. He asks why didn’t Kavya and Vanraj get any sickness. She asks to not assume dangerous about others. He says he isn’t, but when one thing occurs to mummy, even Kavya and Mr Shah can’t be completely satisfied and they are going to be punished for positive.

Kavya stops Vanraj and Anirudh’s battle. Lawyer walks to them and asks to get into courtroom. Anirudh holds Kavya’s hand and says he’ll inform decide that he doesn’t want divorce as he loves Kavya and wishes yet another probability. Vanraj asks Kavya if she didn’t ask her so referred to as husband if he’ll divorce her not, why did he come right here then, he doesn’t even know what he desires. Anirudh says Vanraj tried to cancel his personal divorce until the final time. Vanraj asks how does Anirudh know all this. Anirudh asks whom will a spouse focus on with then. Vanraj asks Kvya why did she carry him right here. Anirudh says he ought to have been house then, he would have insulted him from right here. Vanraj laughs and says allow us to go in and make decide chuckle together with his humorous jokes. Kavya shouts to cease and warns that she wants divorce immediately at any price, asks Vanraj to attend and goes in with Anirudh.

Baa walks to Anu. Anu asks if she got here alone. Baa says her anger accompanies her all the time. Anu greets her in and gives water. Baa says after listening to about Anu’s illnes, she had requested her maa to carry out pooja at her village and got here to provide her prasad, she ought to hold it beneath her mattress. Anu thanks her for coming as a substitute of sending Toshu or Dolly. Baa says she instructed her to not divorce, however she didn’t take heed to her. Anu says even Baa doesn’t take heed to her and insulted Nandini; she doesn’t thoughts if anybody taunts her, however Baa’s taunts harm her as she loves her greater than her mom; it feels good when Baa loves and hurts most when she taunts. Baa asks why she praises her like taunts. Anu continues chatting and says their relationship hasn’t ended however turned extra sturdy. Baa says she determined to not see her once more, however all the time appears at her window. Anu says they’re nervous for one another as she spent extra time along with her than her mom and have grow to be sturdy buddies who battle and can’t keep away. Baa says she mad her mom first after which buddy. Dolly and Pakhi stroll in. Anu hugs Pakhi and asks why didn’t she name her. Anu says she doesn’t want invitation to go to her mom. Their chit chat continues.

Vanraj will get tensed considering if Kavya and Anirudh’s divorce is finalized immediately, he has to marry Kavya tomorrow. Kavya and Anirudh stroll to him, and he thinks their divorce didn’t occur and therefore marriage is canceled.

Precap: Kavya informs Vanraj that she is divorced lastly, Vanraj thinks he’s badly caught. Anu sees ornament occurring and asks motive. Dolly informs that Kavya has requested Advaith to embellish cottage for her marriage. Kavya tells Advaith that she desires the whole lot to be excellent. Anu appears at Vanraj.

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