Anupama 26th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama and Anuj Go Missing

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Anupama 26th March 2023 Written Episode

Anupama waits for Anuj to bring back home and cries hugging Anuj’s photo and saying she will die without Anuj. She imagines Anuj returning to her. Jaanam Dekhlo Mitgayi Duriyan.. song plays in the background. She hugs him and asks how can he leave her alone. Anuj says sorry and says he can’t live without her. She then realizes it was her imagination and runs out. Devika and others try to control her. She imagines Anuj mimicking SRK and repeats he has to come for her. Anuj sleeping on a park bench wakes up calling Anupama. He finds Dheeraj in front of him. Dheeraj says Anupama’s condition is really bad, she collapsed after he left home; he earlier was missing Little Anu and now missing Anupama, what did he gain by leaving this house, etc. Anuj refuses to return home and says he imagines Little Anu in the whole house. Dheeraj says he can come to his house then. Anuj says he doesn’t want to go anywhere and asks him to go home. Dheeraj asks what will he say Anupama when she asks about Anuj. Anuj gets adamant. Dheeraj says even he will not leave him alone then.

Dimple and Samar prepare tea. Samar breaks down saying his mother’s house is breaking again. Dimple hugs and comforts him. Samar says he wants to comfort mummy, he can’t and don’t know how to comfort her. Dimple says seeing Anupama and Anuj’s situation, she fears if they should marry or not. Anupama waits for Dheeraj to bring Anuj till late night. Devika messages Dheeraj and gets a reply to wait. Anupama says she knows Anuj will not return, their love has finished. Dheeraj asks Anuj if he will not return home? Anuj says he will not and asks him to not waste time and go home. Dheeraj says he will go only with him or else not. Yaar Bedardeyaa.. song plays in the background.

Dheeraj falls asleep and when he wakes up in the morning doesn’t find Anuj beside him. Devika also finds Anupama missing from home. Dimple says Samar informed that she’s not even at Shah house. Dheeraj gets Anuj’s message that he will not return and shouldn’t try to search for him, he should take care of Devika and Anupama. Devika calls him next and informs that Anupama is missing. He informs her that even Anuj is missing again. They start searching for them everywhere showing their pics. Ankush calls Dheeraj and learns that even Anuj is missing again. He informs same to Pakhi, Adhik, and others. Pakhi breaks down worried for Anupama. Adhik comforts her and says they all will search for Anuj and Anupama. Barkha calls office and asks to shift Anupama’s stuff somewhere as she will use Anupama’s cabin and she with Ankush will manage Kapadia empire.

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Pakhi hears her conversation and snatches her phone. She says her mother is not yet dead that she is trying to grab her place. She tongue lashes Barkha for her cheap thinking. Barkha shouts back. Adhik interferes. Pakhi informs him that shameless Barkha wants take over Anupama’s business. Adhik asks Barkha she is serious, she should show some humanity and first find Anuj and Anupama. Barkha reminds how Pakhi wanted to lead a lavish life misusing Anupama’s goodness. She says she can’t let the business suffer and will not listen to anyone. She even insists Pakhi and Adhik to stay back to Kapadia mansion and support Anupama. Anuj and Anupama continue to walk senselessly on roads.

Precap: Anupama prays god to take care of Anuj wherever he is and return him to her. Anuj is seen entering same temple. Vanraj reaches to Anupama before him.

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