Anupama 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya’s Evil Act

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Anupama 26th June 2021 Written Episode

Kavya is saved by Anupama and she walks back home to her family. Bapuji praises her. Samar wants to know why she is always there for Kavya. Baa said that she is kind-hearted and can’t change. Family leaves the pooja location. Baa asks her if she has an iron core and feels that she is helping Kavya, despite her misbehaviors. Anu states that humanity is on one side of pain and human suffering on the other. Bapuji said that people laugh at her and that she is better than normal. He gave an example of how people think she is weird. Anu asks her not to praise her too much, or she’ll gain weight and happiness. She then walks off to her online class. Bapuji informs Baa that it is difficult to be Anupama when you are fighting alone. Baa tells Baa that they are there for her and Anu’s strength is great.

Vanraj takes Kavya to his home and asks her for a careful seat. Kavya says thanks to him for saving Kavya in time. Otherwise, her pooja thread could have fallen apart. Vanraj says Anu saved her instead and suggests her not to be so much blind in hatred that she cannot see one’s goodness; says anyways he came in break and will ask Baa or Kinjal to help her; gives her a gift and leaves. She thanked him and said that it meant a lot to them. Baa approaches her and asks how her leg is doing. She should also give a missed message if she needs anything. Kavya agrees and gives Baa her gift, saying that she gave it all to everyone. Kavya says thank you and asks her if she will ever accept her as a bahu. Baa questions if she has accepted her saas. Kavya fumes that Anu became more great by helping her in front of everyone, she sholdn’t have given her a chance. Vanraj thanked Anu for helping Kavya. Anu says she helped a wife instead as she wore mangalsutra for 25 years and knows what a wife feels if a pooja lamp or thread breaks; Kavya can be wrong, but her love for him is true; she couldn’t let a wife’s trust be broken.

Samar asks Nandini what she’s hungry for. Nandini responds that she wants pizza. Samar promises that they will break their fast with double-cheeze pizzas, lol/lots lassi and double-cheeze pizza. He affirms that he also loves her, but she says that she does not love you.

Kavya is in pain, hunger, and she misses calling Baa. Anu notices that Kavya is walking towards her and asks her if she has any questions. Kavya claims she called Baa by missed calls. Anu claims Baa is performing Pooja, so she sent her to verify. Kavya inquires about her feelings as she sees her on the bed where she first saw Vanraj and her a year back. Anu questions her about whether she needs anything. Kavya requests her to give her an oil. Anu provides the ointment. Kavya requests her to apply the ointment as she can’t bend. Anu remains still. Kavya applies it with great difficulty. Anu stops her, and applies the ointment to her foot. Kavya takes her photos and sends them along with a message to Rakhi that her ex-samdhan was serving her. Rakhi says good luck and thanks for the drama. Kavya requests her to use it on her own soul. Anu asks Anu if she would like to take more photos. Anu says that she served Kavya and Kavya are misusing it. She should fight with someone who wants to fight alongside her, and not just by herself. Kavya furiously throws her pillow when she leaves. Anu washes his hands. Baa asks Anu where the balm smell is coming from, if she has served Kavya. Anu claims she did what Baa told her. Baa claims that people misuse her goodness. Anu claims she is well aware of it. She gets her school principal’s call.

Vanraj goes home, and Vanraj starts to prepare a presentation on his computer. Kavya complained that he didn’t even say hi. Instead of spending time with her and listening to how she is feeling, he began working on his presentation. He walks up to her and asks what she needs. She gets her boss’ call and gets busy, then says its done. He said that even he is, and that if her leg does not get well tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, she should send him a lunch box. Because he cannot eat a cafe sandwich every day. She wants to know how she will manage her kitchen and work. Vanraj claims that even Kinjal or Anu can work in the kitchen. She said they work together. He claims they are seven people, while we are two. She claims that she had a maid. However, his family disagreed. He says his family didn’t oppose a maid, but don’t like anyone intruding their space and insulting them, so she should keep a properly behaving maid. Baa gives Kavya medicine, saying that Bapuji gave it to her and she will feel better. Kavya is grateful to her. Baa said she was a friend and wanted to be a wife. Now she must suffer as a wife.

Anu forced Kinjal to have a meal after she broke her fast. Kinjal said that she looked so thin. Baa questions why she was called by her school principal. Pakhi questions if she has ever complained about her. Anu says that every year, the school holds a charity event. The principal asks her to teach dance to students. Toshu claims that she only just got back from surgery a few days before. Anu claims Nandini, Samar, and Nandini can help her. Baa claims that even she can teach Garba. Bapuji asked Vanraj about his first day of work. Vanraj says he felt good, its not his working area, cafe is youngster’s place, but he felt happy working there. Bapuji said he should only work where he is happy. Kavya enters and says that work shouldn’t be about status but happiness. V worked for a multinational company, and now he is working part-time. How are they going to push Vanraj away from a corporate job and into a cafeteria job? Baa claims she had a problem with him when he wasn’t working. Kavya believes that a job in a cafe is not a good fit for his career. Bapuji states that husband and wife should support one another, not taunt. Kavya wants to know how she can support V in his mistake. Bapuji is unable to understand because he isn’t from a corporate world. One who does small-time work will always feel like a loser. The family is furious at this. Samar says he doesn’t know about work and people, but thinking can he low like her; she should appreciate that he is trying to work at this age and is a fighter, so she shouldn’t try to call him a loser; he and his mummy heard a word loser many times and it hit their heart, Kavya is saying it on face. Vanraj remembers the incident when Vanraj, Kavya, Toshu and Vanraj called Samar loser. Kavya states emotions look better in talks than on CV. This will reveal that V worked as a waitress in a cafe following his work in an MNC. V will then repent. Vanraj believes that he will succeed if he thinks so.

Kinjal receives a message from Kavya, and she excitedly tells her that she has a new project. Kavya inquires if it is their Mumbai deal. Kinjal said credit should go to Kavya too, as she worked very hard for this dea.
Vanraj questions which Mumbai client. Kavya says that he can’t understand them because they are so new. Kinjal says this is his biggest project ever and seeks Vanraj’s help. Vanraj agrees. Kavya says Vanraj will be busy making coffee.

Precap: Anu rushes back to work, telling Kinjal she made whole food but not roti. She should therefore make roti. Kinjal reminisces Kavya’s taunt that Anu has turned Kinjal like her. During dinner, Anu asks Kinjal why didn’t she prepare roti as Baa and Bapuji are habituated to have rotis. Kinjal says that it is possible to change our habits. Baa and Bapuji go hungry. Kavya smiles, thinking that this is only the beginning.

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