Anupama 26th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Offers A Job To Kavya

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Anupama 26th January 2022 Written Episode

Malvika sees Vanraj busy at work and thinking of mischief tries to frighten him from behind, but he doesn’t get afraid. She asks why didn’t he get afraid. He says he is habituated to her now and apologizes that her festival and mood are spoilt because of Kavya. She says its okay as new year was spoilt because of her and says she is not judging his rude behavior with Kavya as he is harsh but honest and she respects him for that. He says thank god at least someone thinks he is right as everyone thinks Kavya is a victim and he is a villain; he made many mistakes and has many defects in him, everyone does mistakes; why women are spared and men are targeted always; he is tired of this and feels sad that he has to justify himself to his family. She tries to lift him saying just told he is tired. He says she will lift up if she tries to lift him up. She says he looks slim but is very heavy and walks away giving a smiley printout for him to cheer him up.

Kavya asks Anupama that since she didn’t want to talk to Baa and Bapuji, they sent Anu to share the pearls of knowledge/gyaan ke moti. Anu says she came to meet Nandini and asks Nandini why didn’t she leave when Samar threw engagement ring and asks Kavya why did she return and created a drama at Sankranti festival venue. Kavya says she should look at herself before giving lectures on others, she herself chose self-respect and fought for it. Anu says they should fight for their self-respect and proudly seek answers to their question instead of running away silently like thieves; she is sorry if they found her words as gyaan. Kavya seeks her help for being earlier Kavya who was strong and self confident. Malvika with a serious look asks Kavya what is the secret of her fair and clear skin and then laughs. She welcomes and wishes her all the best, says now there is more competitive pressure on her, she feels hungry whenever she is stress and goes to have a something. Kavya goes to meet HR.

Anu returns to office with Kavya. Vanraj gets angry and asks Anupama why is this woman here. Anupama says Kavya will work with them in their project. Vanraj shouts. Anuj asks him to be easy. Anu says everyone does mistakes, so does he and when he got a second chance, why can’t Kavya. Anuj says Anu is right. Malvika says she knows Kavya is capable. Kavya thanks Malvika, Anu, and Anuj and says she will not disappoint this time as its her last chance. Vanraj thinks Anu brought Kavya on his head to keep him away from Malvika. Anu thinks she didn’t bring Kavya to keep him away from Mukku but wants him to reform himself and prays god to give him some good conscience. Vanraj burns in anger remembering Anu’s words and thinks she did really wrong.

Nandini in dilemma prays god to give her a sign what to do next. She sees a couple passing by laughing LOL and remembers Samar LOL. She runs to Samar, hugs him tightly emotionally, and says she LOLs him; she wants to live lots of life, lots of love with him; she thought of going far away from him and sought a sign from universe, she got a LOL sign and got everything clear; she LOLs him. She insists Samar to speak. Samar shouts what should she say after so much happened; every couple fight and reconcile, but they talk about breakups; he is scared of their ego; they are equal in their talents but also ego; she stopped when she got a signal from universe, what if she hadn’t; what if they fight again and she she gets a negative universal signal, they didn’t think once before breaking their relationship, so they should think once again before reviving their relationship. She nods yes and walks away in opposite direction.

Anu thanks Anuj for accepting her request and giving a second chance to Kavya. Anuj says its also her project and she must have thought well before rehiring Kavya. He hopes Kavya and Vanraj’s personal problems don’t affect their professional lives. She says its also her project. He says they need to be careful, Mr and Mrs Shah are not too bad but also not too good. Anu thinks they need to be careful, especially from Mr Shah.

Baa fears there would be an upcoming dhamaka as Kavya, Vanraj, and Mukku are working under same roof. She asks why did Anu give Kavya a job in Vanraj’s office instead of somewhere else. Bapuji says even Anu must have thought about it before giving Kavya a job. Vanraj returns home frowning while Kavya silently follows him. Baa says she was fearing this. Vanraj and Kavya sit opposite directions. Malvika reminds Anu and Anuj its time to go home. Anuj says he has a lot of work pending and hence will come late. Anu says she will come with Anuj. Vanraj reminisces all the recent events while lying on bed.

Precap: Anuj sees Anu feeling cold while resting on sofa and drapes his blazer over her. Vanraj tells Malvika that Mumbai is a best place for restaurant from a business point of view, so they should shift to Mumbai. Anu says she should launch Ahmedabad projects first and then think of Mumbai. Anuj says she is right. Malvika shouts he thinks Anu is always right and has become wife’s slave before marriage.

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