Anupama 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Baa’s Plea For Anupama

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Anupama 25th November 2021 Written Episode

Kavya vents out her anger when Baa ousts her from her room. Baa tells Anupama that Kavya snatched house, but dance school still belongs to Anupama; she should not leave her dance school. Bapuji, Samar, and Kinjal also back Baa. Baa says dance school is her temple and she shouldn’t get out of it. Anu nods yes. She further requests her to stay wherever she wants to, but should visit her often and even she will visit her. Anu says she accepted her one request but cannot accept request of visiting her house as this house belongs to Kavya who doesn’t like her coming here. Baa requests to visit for her Baa and Bapuji and says she may not stay alive long if she doesn’t come, her day used to start hearing her face for 26 years and she feels as if her day didn’t start at all without her. Kavya hearing their conversation thinks she will not let Anu enter her house. Anu agrees to visit Baa and asks her to take care of her diet and health. Children ask her her to smile. Anu asks her to rest now. Baa says she is unable to sleep. Anu asks Vanraj to sing a song. Vanraj sings Ek Dusre Se Karte Hain Pyar Hum.. song and makes Baa sleep.

Anu leaves from room asking Vanraj to call her if he needs her help. She then lights lamp in home temple. Kavya claps. Anu says she was thinking why didn’t Kavya create a drama yet. Kavya says she has learnt to act from expert Anupama, Anu being an outsider stayed in Baa’s room and owner had to come out of room, how dare she is to light lamp in her house, she shouldn’t dare enter this house again, she will fix a board outside house that dogs and Anupama are not allowed. Anu thanks her for comparing her with an animal instead of herself. Kavya shouts. Anu warns not to shout or else her husband will come here. She gives moral gyaan of keeping the relationships united, Baa held relationships for 50 years with love but couldn’t with hatred, Baa is changing and even she should before its too late for her and her husband leaves her. Kavya taunts like he left her, she deserved that, don’t know what a rich businessman Anuj saw in her and accepted her. Anu says she should have asked Anuj himself when he came here and warns that she will visit here to meet Baa, Bapuji, and children and nobody can stop her, even Kavya can meet her if she wants to. Kavya rudely says lets see. Anu prays Kanhaji to give her some conscience for Baa Bapuji’s sake and protect this house. Kavya yells that whoever speaks to her insults her. Vanraj notices her.

Anu walks out of house and asks watchman to get her an auto. She notices peacock feather and remembers Bapuji’s words that she is Radha and Anuj Kishan for him and she should let them unite in this century at least. Vanraj walks to her and says she should visit his house not bothering whoever it belongs to as for him this house belongs to his parents. Anu requests him to forgive Baa first and let her convince Bapuji to forgive her. He says he will try and says she never showed her right on this house even after Bapuji gave it to her, but Kavya tricked and snatched the house; Kavya is no more in his heart after her heinous act; he was a hero and become a loser, he wants to become a hero again from loser. She wishes him all the best and says he should become big but with self-respect. He walks away, and leaves in auto.

Anu performs bhai dhooj pooja with Bhavesh. Bhavesh says he wanted to see her house and hence came here. He says he bought a sari for her online. Anu thinks of Anuj. Bhavesh says he will gift her brooms as housewives value it. She nods yes and asks if he bought gift for his son. He says he bought their childhood magnet for his son and reminds how she lost his magnet in childhood. He further says he had made a mark on his magnet and saw a similar one with Anuj. Anu remembers Anuj having it.

Precap: Pakhi performs bhai dhooj pooja with his siblings and dances with them. Anu serves a dish with Anuj. Anuj says he truly loves her.

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