Anupama 25th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj Leaves Home

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Anupama 25th March 2023 Written Episode

Devika and others waiting outside hope Anuj calms down and come out of the room smiling. Dheeraj hopes same and says they just can wait and watch. Devika says she can’t wait. Anuj removes his and Anupama’s wedding photo from his bag and and walks out of the room leaving Anupama in shock. Bhare Naina Bahe Morey plays in the background. Anupama then runs behind him. Everyoe are shocked seeing that. Dheeraj tries to snatch his bag and warns him not to act mad. Anuj says let him go. Dheeraj slaps him and asks him to look at his and Anupama’s condition, he is losing his mind for a small issue. Anuj shouts its not a small issue for him. He asks Ankush to check his e-mail, he has transferred power of attorney in Ankush and Anupama’s name and rest his lawyer will explain.

Anupama pleads him not to go. He says he is suffocating with her presence. She grabs his face and asks if he loves her or not. He frees himself and walks away senselessly. Anupama stands watching reciting a poem in her heart. Anuj also recites a poem in his mind. Anupama recalls their first meeting, their marriage, adopting Little Anu, Little Anu leaving them, Anuj revealing that he doesn’t love her anymore. He shouts Anuj and collapses. Dheeraj and others rush to her. At Shah house, Hasmukh insists Samar to take him to Anupama’s house. Samar gets Dimpy’s call and stands shocked. Family asks him what happened there. Samar informs that Anuj left Anupama and his house. Hasmukh stumbles in a shock and starts crying. Shahs criticize Anuj’s foolish’s move and question how can Anuj leave Anupama in this situation. Vanraj grins and says Anuj is also a common man. Hasmukh insists to visit Anupama right now.

Anupama opens eyes and insists to go behind Anuj. Devika holds her tightly and tries to comfort her. Dimple says Dheeraj uncle has gone to bring Anuj. Barkha says Anuj doesn’t get angry and when he does, he gets out of control. She points that Anuj left this house and Anupama. Devika warns her to stop criticizing Anupama. Barkha says what could Anuj do when Anupama’s attention is always towards Shah family. Devika asks its wrong if Anupama pays attention towards her children and right if Anuj brings his relatives home. Barkha asks if she is pointing at them. Devika says yes.

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