Anupama 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar Signs Malti Devi’s Contract?

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Anupama 25th July 2023 Written Episode

Samar refuses to enter Malti Devi/MD’s dance academy. Dimpy asks him to answer one question before leaving. Samar asks her to go ahead. Dimpy says their dance academy is closed and their income source is shut, they have a big family to take care of and he won’t get a job easily. Samar says he will change the city and MD is not a god that her rule runs everywhere. Dimpy says he won’t get a job immediately though. Samar says maybe, but they don’t ride a crocodile. Dimpy says he should listen to her one last explanation. Anupama tells Shahs that Samar thinks only about family and can never do anything wrong. Dimpy convinces Samar and takes him to MD. MD says she saw Samar’s talent which he got from his mother and hopes he is not stubborn like his mother. Dimpy says they are ready to work for her. MD says if Samar is smart, he should sign a contract that he will only work for gurukul from hereon. Samar looks at the contract. He gets Anupama’s call just then. Anupama gets worried when Samar doesn’t pick her call and hopes everything is fine; thinks her Samar is sensible, but situation forces a person to take wrong decisions.

Adhik visits Shahs. Leela says he should have come in the morning itself. Adhik says he had some important work. Anuj says if he wouldn’t have insisted, he wouldn’t have come even now. Vanraj says Adhik works hard. Adhik looks at Pakhi. Pakhi takes Anuj aside and discusses something with him. Adhik gets tensed seeing that. Anupama prepares gond laddu for Kavya and asks her to have it twice daily forgetting about her figure and thinking about baby’s health. CA reminds Anuj that he wants to make some announcement.

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