Anupama 25th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj’s Unthinkable Act

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Anupama 25th February 2022 Written Episode

Anuj while entering dance academy with Anupama hymns Mujhse Shadi Karogi.. song. Samar informs them that website design is almost ready as he finished work whole night with web designer and shows it. Anu pampers him. Samar says they will lauch website before mummy’s birthday. Anuj says that’s very good news. Samar asks how is the response on mummy’s video. Anuj says very good response. Samar tells Anu that he is sure her life will change post her birthday and goes to meet the web designer. Anu feels upset for Samar. Anuj sensing it says Samar’s sadness is temporary. Anu says she knows, every mother wants her children to grow up soon, but when a child grows up fast, mom feels bad; Samar grew up in 1 day, they fear walking on the route which they stumbled and she fears it doesn’t happen with Samar. Anuj’s given veg ring falls form her hand. Anuj seeks an answer to his proposal. He says he didn’t ask her to give him a rose, but reply him before 100 years and jokes that she should wait till they start dying their hair, she should reply before their backs bend due to old age. She smiles.

Vanraj returns home irritated after dealers deny to deal without Anuj and says there was a problem with Anuj’s presence and even absence. Toshu asks him to calm down as they cannot accept defeat easily and will prove that they can run Anuj’s business better than him. Bapuji with Samar brings items. Baa asks why they brought so many items. Samar says Bapuji is throwing mummy’s birthday party. Bapuji says Anupama’s birthday was never celebrated, he will celebrate her birthday in grand way. Kinjal rejoices hearing about party. Vanraj irked asks if Anuj and Anupama party in our house. Bapuji says whoever wants to attend happily can attend it and one who is not shouldn’t. Vanraj taunts that he did right as Anuj is incapable of partying in a hotel. Bapuji says a king is always a king whether in his state or in exile. He gets a message from Anu to meet her outside and leaves excusing himself.

Anuj meets GK and informs him that he proposed Anupama. GK surprised asks how did he get so much courage. He says he was waiting since 26 years and couldn’t control anymore, he even sang a song for her Mujhse Shadi Karogi… GKJ says late but not last and asks if Anu said yes. Anuj says not yet as she needs time. GK says it’s not easy for her. Anuj says he knows, that is why he is not forcing her, but he is enjoying the wait. GK says nobdy enjoys a wait. Anuj says whole world is in a waiting room, let us see what madam replies on her birtday.

Anupama informs Bapuji about Anuj’s proposal. Bapuji says she should accept it as Anuj is not like Vanraj. Anu says she knows, but she is the same Anupama and after her bad experience during her first marriage, she fears now; she is enjoying the feeling though, but fears this story will end; she trusts Anuj, but what if she changes after marriage; her first relationship has ended, but the pain and fear it gave haven’t ended and she fears it may affect her second marriage and it would be injustice to Anuj; she is not afraid of Anuj but herself as she cannot forget the pain she went through for years and gives an example. She continues that Anuj is very good, but she cannot do justice to him, etc.

Anuj tells GK that he can’t wait to get back Mukku, GK, and Anu in his life and complete his family. GK says it will soon and they both should pray for it. Anuj says he is right, they both should pray and even try. Anu asks Bapuji what shall she do now. Bapuji says whatever she said was right, but there are 2 ways to live a life, suspicion or trust, she should suspect fate that it will do wrong even during the right time or trust Kanhaji that he will set everything right; if is like a toss and one can win a match even after losing toss; he is sure that she will be happy and will keep Anu happy; its really good that she and Anuj understand each other. He says he was silent for the peace of house, but will not now and will fight for his daughter’s happiness; he knows there won’t be any need for that as there is love between them, she should learn to live with the shortcomings; they never celebrated her birthday, but this year they will; he always just wished her happy birthday and will celebrate it finally this year, she should make her birthday a happy birthday this year.

Anuj and Anupama read messages and look tensed. Vanraj sitting in front of the computer grins and thinks he already gave Anupama’s birthday gift. Anu meets Anuj and asks how is it possible. Anuj says it’s expected. Anu says news says he is being expelled from the company, Mukku cannot do this mistake and only Vanraj can do this, Mukku will take Vanraj’s class after reading this new. Malvika confronts Vanraj. Vanraj manipulates her and says Anupama and Anuj might themselves have spread the news to prove that she is a bad sister, they are playing victim card now. Anupama enters clapping. Vanraj asks how did she come in. She says via door.

Precap: Anupama tongue lashes Vanraj for his heinous act. Vanraj calls security to throw her out. Guards hesitate. Anupama says nobody will touch Anuj’s Anupama as it Anuj’s real power and walks away.

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