Anupama 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya Chastises Malvika For Intrusion

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Anupama 25th December 2021 Written Episode

Anuj gets happy when a man informs that he saw Malvika going in 1 direction. Man asks if that woman was mad who was walking barefoot with unkempt hair and night dress. Anuj gets angry and tries to hit man. Anu stops him and apologizes man. Malvika insists Vanraj to let her stay in his house. Kavya says she will book a hotel room for her as she will not get any special services here. Malvika says she herself can stay her brother’s friend’s 5 star hotel. Kavya insists her to leave. Malvika walks towards door. Baa waves her bye. Vanraj stops her and says she can stay her. She excitedly hugs Vanraj. GK calls Bapuji worried for Malvika, but Bapuji doesn’t pick his call. Pakhi thinks Malvika throws more tantrums than her. Kavya takes Vanraj aside and insists him to send Malvika out. He reminds her that she also entered his house similarly and Anu fighting with Baa let her stay in.
Malvika hears their argument and asks if they are fighting because of her, she will go from there. She sarcastically says if this happens in love marriage, its better to have an affair and walks out. She taunts Kavya that Vanraj left Anu for her and he may leave her for another woman. Kavya gets more angry and warns her to return to her brother’s house or hotel, but just get out of her house.

Anuj with Anu reaches there and hearing that warns Kavya to behave with his sister. He then emotionally requests Malvika to return home. She frees her hand. Anu says her brother is her most dearest one and his house belongs to her. She says that house doesn’t belong to her. Anuj holds her hand again and requests not to get adamant. Malvika frees herself again and holding Vanraj’s hand says she will stay with her partner Raj until she calms down. Anuj says she cannot stay here uninvited. She asks can’t she herself take her life’s decisions. He says its not right. She asks if Anu can stay at his house, why can’t she homestay at Raj’s house. He says people wants guests to stay in their house, but not this family. She asks who will stop her. Kavya says she will. Malvika continues her adamancy. Anu says she can stay here. Malvika happily hugs her. Kavya yells how can Anu decide when she doesn’t stay here. Vanraj orders Kavya to stop. Malvika says she is angry not on Anu but her shayar Kapadia brother. Anu says she can get angry on her but not on her brother as brother-sister relationship is a first friendship of life. She gives moral gyan on brother-sister bonding. Malvika reminds Vanraj about their business meeting today and asks Anuj and Anu to go now. Anuj asks her not to trouble anyone and walks away.

Anuj while returning home informs GK that Mukku is found and he will explain everything after returning home. Anu apologizes Anuj for letting Anu stay at Shah house. He says she need not apologize as she has right to take any decision. She says Malvika is like a kid and as a mother, she knows how to handle kids. He says he knows she doesn’t take any wrong decision. She says its better if Malvika stays in Shah house than a hotel. He says Kavya doesn’t like Mukku staying there.
She says there is even Bapuji there who will handle situation. He says Shah family had not accepted him early, but now they have; he doesn’t want any complications for Mukku. He asks why did Malvika say she is not angry on her. He gets nervous.

Precap: Malvika plays game with Shahs.
Anuj tells Anu that it would have been better if Malvika had worked under his guidance, but she chose Mr Shah. Malvika informs Vanraj that she transferred 50 lakhs in company’s account. Anu asks Anuj if he thinks Malvika didn’t chose a right partner.

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