Anupama 24th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Power-Packed Performance

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Anupama 24th March 2022 Written Episode

Dance competition continues. Host announces since no one from audience is coming on stage to dance, they will continue with their next performance. A volunteer informs Samar about Anupama’s situation. He signals Devika to come out and informs her that mummy froze in shock after taking Anuj’s name. They both rush towards green room, but guard stops them. They argue with the guard and walk in where they see Anu in a panicked state repeats something happened to Anuj. Devika tries to calm her down saying Anuj is find and as per GK he has gone out of Ahmedabad for a business meeting. Samar calls Anuj, but his phone is not reachable. Devika calls the inspector and seeks his help to find out Anuj’s whereabouts.

A contestant does Bharatanatyam on a pop song. Baa asks nagin Rakhi to dance on stage. Rakhi says she doesn’t dance but makes people dance. Baa taunts Kinjal’s papa disappeared dancing on her tunes. Mamaji supports Rakhi. Kinjal asks where are Samar and Devika and hopes everything is alright as mummy’s performance will start in a few minutes. Anuj walks to Anu. Anu relaxes seeing him and asks where was he, she was worried for him. She apologizes him for last night’s misbehavior and says she was tensed. Anuj says she should shared her problem instead. She pleads him not to go and realizes it was her imagination. She runs shouting please don’t go Anuj. Devika and Samar run behind her and stop her.

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After one of contestant’s performance, Kavya tells Baa that she can dance better. Vanraj taunts he is waiting for Anu’s performance and passes lewd comments on her. Anu continues repeating to let her go to Anuj as something happened to him. Devika says this competition is Anuj’s dream, will she break his dream. Anu remembers Anuj’s words. Samar and Devika convince her to give her best performance for Anuj’s sake. Inspector reaches near Anuj’s car and seeing a dead body asks constbale to inform Anuj’s family and call them for body identification. Anuj gets ready for the performance. Samar says her performance is next. Anu imagines Anuj wishing her all the best and encouraging her to have a dhamakedar performance as per her promise to him. Host announces Anu’s name. Anu walks towards stage. Devika gets inspector’s call and stands shocked hearing nobody is saved in an accident. They both get worried.

Kinjal tells Bapuji that Anuj didn’t come yet. Anupama walks on stage. Vanraj says its amazing that Anuj is missing Anu’s most important event. Anu thinks she will perform for Anuj as she loves him. Samar breaks down and thinks why this happens only with his mummy. Anu gives a power-packed performance on Mere Dholna Sun.. song. Rakhi tells Vanraj that looks like she is dancing hiding a pain in her heart. Vanraj says that pain’s name is Anuj Kapadia. Anu imagines dancing with Anuj.

Percap: Anupama dances energetically noticing Anuj and announces their wedding on stage.

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