Anupama 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj And Anupama Patch Up

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Anupama 24th June 2022 Written Episode

Anuj tells Anupama that if she had visited Shah house and suffered such an accident, even he would have got angry. He says Vanraj overreacted, but was not wrong; seeing Vanraj’s past records, doubting Vanraj is obvious. Anupama says she feels pity for Vanraj as he Vanraj is frustrated fearing he would lose his family. Anuj says let him do whatever he wants to, but stay away from his wife. Anupama then scolds him for talking about his death and says she is alive if he is alive. He asks her to calm down and congratulates them for their first fight. Anupama says its not normal if they fight daily or don’t fight at all. Anuj says its not technically a fight and disagreeing to each other’s thinking is common. Anupama says they shouldn’t fight tomorrow again.

Adhik calls Pakhi and asks if she is fine. She gets happy seeing his call. He wishes to meet her tomorrow at a cafe. She agrees and feels excited. Adhik grins saying Pakhi is Anupama’s most favorite child. Anuj tells Anupama that she can stay back with Toshu and Kinjal tonight as they may need her help. She walks very closer to him. He thinks she is getting romantic. She picks a pillow and stands back, teasing him and walks out of room. She walks to living room thinking she should speak to Vanraj and ask him to stop fighting everywhere.

Barkha stops her and asks why she is sad, she can share her ordeal with her and let her speak to Anuj. Anuj walks to Anupama just then and gifts her favorite scented candles. He then wishes goodnight and returns to his room. Anupama tells Barkha that fight is common between husband and wife, its just that they should maintain the balance like they the maintain a balanced salt level in food. She further says she checked the bills and found the bills and expenses not tallying, tomorrow they both should tally them once before signing the cheque. Barkha gets tensed hearing that. Anupama wishes her goodnight and leaves.

Kinjal wakes up in the morning and feels happy seeing Anupama sleeping on the sofa nearby. She tells her baby that her grandma and grandpa love her/him the most. She coughs. Anupama wakes up and rushes to her followed by Anuj. Kinjal says she is fine and asks them to drop her back home as Vanraj must be worried for her. Adhik checks Anuj’s business profile and tells Barkha its a vast empire. Barkha says her maika/parental home and husband didn’t trust her, but Anupama’s both maika and husband trust her. Adhik says she will get whatever she wants to soon. She asks what does he mean. He says she feared that him and Sara won’t get anything from Kapadia empire, this won’t happen now. She gets confused. He says she should just understand that her brother is grown up now.

Anuj prepares special laddus for Kinjal. Anupama asks if everything will be alright between both families. Anuj says it won’t, but they should make sure there shouldn’t be anymore drama. Anupama says they will try their best. She looks at Adhik passing by.

Hasmukh returns home from morning walk and learns that Vanraj and Kavya went for a job interview at a friend’s place. Leela says its good if they get a job or else it would be difficult to run the house. Vanraj calls Leela and asks if Kinjal returned home. She says not yet and asks him not to worry about Kinjal. Hasmukh says if they try to bind the relationship, fate will get angry on them. Kinjal and Toshu inform Barkha that they are going home now.

Barkha gives them flower bouquet and asks them visit next time with the whole family. Sara senses her and Ankush’s not speaking to each other and asks her to calm and learn form Anupama and Anuj who fought and patched up so soon, she is fighting with Ankush more after their business.. Adhik stops her. Anuj manages the situation with his shayari and gets busy chatting with them. Vanraj repeatedly calls Anupama. Servant gives her phone. Anupama notices Vanraj’s 26 missed calls, calls him back and informs that they are leaving home with Kinjal, so he should stop burning his own blood and even hers.

Hasmukh mops floor. Leela asks him not to do that. Hasmukh says he wants to help her in household chores and says he is learning to help his wife like Anuj helps Anupama. He says they both will manage the house together. Rakhi walks in and tries to humiliate Hasmukh for helping Leela. Leela warns her to just meet Kinjal and pamper her, but if she tries to interfere with her, she will get a tight slap. Rakhi walks on the wet floor purposely wasting Hasmukh’s hard work. Hasmukh tries to mop the floor again when Anupama walks in and stops him.

Precap: Rakhi invites Shahs for Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony tomorrow. Anupama says its not possible without Kavya and Vanraj’s presence. Rakhi gets adamant and says she will invite even Anupama’s in-laws. Leela stops her.

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