Anupama 24th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj Proposes Anupama In An Unique Style

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Anupama 24th February 2022 Written Episode

Anupama while cleaning vegetables watches dance show on TV with Anuj and says they dance really well, she will learn those steps. Power goes off. Anuj says it good as he can express his heart out. He tells her that she earlier couldn’t understand his shayari/poems, but then slowly she started understanding his shayari and him; just like Radha Krishna temple has steps, even love has different steps/stages and talking with each other peeling vegetable is the last stage; they have climbed all the steps and just need to enter the temple; his track record his really bad in expressing his feeling, he took 25 years to express his love for her and without any hesitation he wants to propose her for marriage, giving her a spring onion ring. Anu gets overwhelmed hearing that. He says he doesn’t want to marry her for the sake of Baa, children, Malvika, or society, but for his own sake as she is the most important person in his life; throwing flowers from helicopter, sitting in an island and exchanging costly rings is not love for him; leading a normal life watching TV with her while peeling vegetables, bearing her scolding, etc., is love for him. He continues expressing his feelings for her and says he feels like marrying her now; he has seen a lot of glamor and lavish life, but a normal life with her where they are each other’s support; he knows she has faced a lot of difficulties in her life and wants her to take a decision on her won without any pressure; he is okay with both her yes and no and wouldn’t feel bad if she says no, they will continue to peel vegetable even after that. He gets Samar’s message calling them to dance academy.

Baa notices Bapuji checking passbook and says there must be less money in their bank account, so they can seek Vanraj’s help if need be. Bapuji denies to take Vanraj’s help and asks what happened to their 35000 rs policy which matured recently. She asks why he needs so much money. He says he wants to do something for dear ones and asks her to get that money out. Baa thinks why he needs so much money. Kavya hearing her says she should give it to him. Baa says its not a small amount and thinks if he wants to give it to Anu and Anuj. Kavya says if he does that, V will feel very bad.

Anuj saves Anu from a road accident while walking on road. They see a baraat passing by. Sindhoor falls on her forehead and she stands dumbstruck. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Anuj cleans it. Back at Shah house, Pakhi chats with her boyfriend Vivaan and says she cannot meet him for a few days as Baa is spying on her. Kinjal notices her and says she is not only Samar but also her bhabhi and can be best friend, Baa cannot her situation as she was a teenager many years ago, but she was a few years ago and can understand her situation. Pakhi says she wants to go for a sleep over with her friends, but Baa will not allow her. Kinjal says she can share her problems with her like she shares with mummy. Pakhi thinks bhabhi understands and will support, but Baa will never understand and will scold Bhabi also and hopes mummy was here.

Anuj tells Anu that he knows she is afraid and reason behind it; he never wants to make her as Mrs Anuj Kapadia as he knows she was known as her children’s mummy, Vanraj’s wife, and her in-laws’ bahut, but never had her own identity and created it with great difficulty and hence he will not let her lose it. Anu remembers Vanraj humiliating her. Anuj say she is Anupama and will always be Anupama; he cannot wait to become Mr Anuj Anupama Joshi. She laughs. He says he cannot wait more to become her husband. She feels shy.

Precap: Baa asks Samar why did he bring so many items.
Samar says Bapuji is organizing mummy’s birthday on 18th. Anu tells Anuj that she suffered so much during her first marriage that she is afraid of hearing a word marriage. Bapuji suggests her to accept Anuj’s proposal and make her birthday special this year.

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