Anupama 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Feels Helpless

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Anupama 24th August 2021 Written Episode

Kavya warns Anupama that its impossible for her this time, she will make sure she and V will not drown with Anu this time. Baa says though Anu’s intention was right, she destroyed them all. Anu cries remembering Vanraj’s words. Samar consoles her and says he made a mistake. Kinjal says anyone can make a mistake. Anu says its her mistake and she will fix it. Kinjal, Toshu, and Nandini say they all together will fix it. Samar continues consoling Anu and says he realized why she was afraid when he went missing in childhood, he will try something. Kavya on the other side tells Vanraj that Anu has to pay 20 lakhs loan as she made a mistake and continues yelling at Anu. Vanraj says he spoke a lot outside in anger, but now with calm mind he realized his mistake. She warns not to think with calm mind. Vanraj says Anu took up loan responsibility alone, it doesn’t mean she take up even this responsibility alone.

Toshu continues blaming Anu. Kinjal says mummy made a mistake unknowingly, they should clear the glass pieces after the glass is broken instead of fighting. He says let mummy clear the debt alone, he wants to slap Samar for being careless, etc. Kinjal asks not to blame mummy if he cannot help and go to his house instead. He says he doesn’t want to be part of this drama. She says problem will look like a drama for him.

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Kavya continues blaming Anu and says let her pay the loan alone. Vanraj says Anu is very kind hearted and took all the responsibility on her, she would have taken 10 lakhs loan instead, Anu doesn’t know anything and Samar is a kid, so he should have been there when Anu asked him to. Kavya says he stop thinking about her after he left her. He says Anu is his friend and always helped him in his every problem, her only problem is being kind to everyone and thinks everyone is like her and hence gets duped repeated. Kavya yells that he will be jobless anyways and should pay whole loan alone above that by steal or dacoity. He says he doesn’t know, but he will do something.

Samar continues consoling Anu and giving her an example says she is a fighter and fought with a tumor, this problem is nothing. Anu cries that her fear has taken over her mind and she feels angry on herself that her family is in trouble because of her. Samar says because of them both and they both will fight and get the family out of this problem.

Baa gets a panic attack next and thinks she should not inform Bapuji or else he will die in shock. Kinjal rushes to her. Baa asks if she can sell her kidney to repay loan, she will call hospital and find out. Kinjal stops her and scolds her not to think too much, thinks of calling Vanraj to handle Baa and rushes to Vanraj’s house. Kavya asks what happened. Kinjal says Baa is acting weird and asks her to send papa/Vanraj soon. Kavya hopes Baa doesn’t get a heart attack. Nandini worried calls Samar to find out situation at home. Samar walks to her. She asks about Anu. He says she is in fear. She says everything will be fine. Baa’s condition deteriorates and she gets short of breath. Vanraj worried gives her BP medicine and calms her down. Baa says Bapuji called and informed that he arranged 1.25 lakhs, he doesn’t know that they need to pay 40 lakhs now instead of 20 lakhs, he will get a heart attack if hears that. Vanraj consoles her again.

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Anu rushes to Baa and panics more seeing Baa’s condition. Kavya brutally humiliates her again and shouts to arrange 40 lakhs rs alone if she really cares for her family, etc. Anu gets short of breath. Then in kitchen, Kavya then continues yelling and blaming Anu in front of Kinjal. Kinjal asks her to stop her blame game and go from here. Kavya warns her to behave with her MIL. Kinjal says she should be doing same and handle Baa and family, instead she is busy here blaming mummy. Kavya stands fuming. Outside house, Samar continues feeling guilty, and Kinjal consoles her. Baa walks out of house senselessly remembering Vanraj and Kavya’s bitter words and blames. Samar and Nandini don’t notice her. Samar then goes to Anu’s room and thinks she is asleep. Kinjal asks if mummy is awake as she didn’t have food yet. He says let her rest and asks her to take up family’s responsibility like mummy. Anu goes to a park and sitting on park bench prays god to help her. Power returns. She thanks god, runs to Rakhi’s house, and knocks door. Rakhi opens door and notices her condition. Anu says she needs to talk something important.

Precap: Anu pleads Rakhi for help. Rakhi says she will pay 40 lakhs instead and needs something in return. Anu asks her condition. She informs and asks if she accepts it.

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