Anupama 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj and Anuj’s Arm Wrestling Competition

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Anupama 23rd September 2021 Written Episode

Anuj/AK serves snacks to Shah family. Kavya asks why is he serving them. GK says they are their guests. Kinjal says let her help him, but he asks her to sit. Samar tells Nandini says someone is serving mummy for the first time. Everyone enjoy snacks and says its tasty, they want to meet his cook. AK says he prepared it. They ask if he is joking, its awesome. GK says he learnt cooking from AK’s mother and when he got old, he taught it to AK; AK prepares better food now. Vanraj and Toshu reach AK’s building. Samar says AK cooks next to his mummy. Baa sits angrily without having snacks. GK insists her to have it. Pakhi says she can’t resist and will go for a second round. GK jokes. Samar says he saw a guitar outside. GK says AK plays it. Samar says cooking, shayari, guitar, AK is his role model from hereon. Vanraj enters with Toshu and gets jealous hearing that and remembering Samar saying he will not calling him papa from hereon. Kinjal says AK is cool even in mummy papa’s age. Pakhi says coolest, the best. Vanraj gets more jealous.

Pakhi says she saw hockey stick outside, does he play hockey also. Anuj says he used to use it during college days to frighten opposite college boys who used to bully girls. Pakhi says so cool, Kinjal says he is so fit and can smash 3-4 people even now. GK says he can arm wrestle even now and asks Mamaji if he will compete with AK. Mamaji jokes after 10-15 years as his arm is paining. Vanraj says his arm is not paining and wants to compete. AK asks him not to pay attention to GK’s words. Pakhi says AK was an allrounder in college, but he cannot defeat her papa. AK says its okay. Toshu taunts if he got afraid of his papa, usually people get afraid of papa. GK says AK will arm wrestle as its a question of his dignity. AK agrees and arm wrestles with Vanraj. Toshu and Kavya cheer up Vanraj while Samar and Kinjal cheer up AK. Toshu asks Samar why is he cheering up AK. Samar says they are family. AK overpowers Vanraj, then Vanraj overpowers him and says he never lost till now. AK says even he has a hobby of winning. Vanraj says it will change. AK says old hobby will not change. Vanraj says he will enjoy making him lose his old hobby. Anu gets tensed and turns around. AK notices her tension and loses. Vanraj boasts. AK says if children would have informed him their papa is so strong, he would have competed in shayari. GK says AK tried though, Vanraj won in last minute. Vanraj says he always wins.

AK gets a call and informs Anu that his team’s confirmation has come and they need to visit Mumbai tomorrow to attend training and functioning session at his Mumbai hotel project, so he thought its better for them if she visits Mumbai. Bapuji says when work demands, she needs to go. Samar and Kinjal support Bapuji. Baa says why go to Mumbai when work is in Ahmedabad. GK says cooking is done in kitchen, but they need to go out to get vegetables, similarly for training one needs to visit Mumbai. Bapuji says she should go. Kavya thinks she didn’t go out of Ahmedabad, Anu is going out Mumbai. Toshu says its not possible, mummy will not go. AK says his mummy is mature enough to take her own decisions, let him speak to her; he asks Anu if he should plan tomorrow’s travel plans for them both or only him. Anu looks at frowning Vanraj, Baa, and Toshu and asks at what time they are leaving as she needs to learn a lot in a short span. Vanraj and his supporters stand fuming. Bapuji says they will leave now and thanks AK and GK for their hospitality. Anu asks AK to inform when to leave tomorrow and leaves with family. AK tells GK world’s toughest path is one which takes out woman outside house, its hurdles are still same since 1000s of years and woman has to fight against family and even herself; its just a flight journey for him tomorrow, but for Anu its a big hurdle. Shah family reaches home. Anu gives Bapuji’s medicnie.
Baa snatches medicine box from her and says Anu can go for a vacation, she will handle her husband and house.

Precap: Kavya tells Vanraj who thought thepla making Anu will go on a business trip in a flight. Anu excitedly tells Bapuji and Pakhi she dreams since childhood of watching ocean and flying in air. Baa asks how can she go out with a stranger. Anu says if anyone touches her without her permission, she will break his hand, so she need not worry.

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