Anupama 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Dimpy’s Evil Intentions

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Anupama 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

Kinjal chats with Pakhi over phone and assures her to send function pics. Leela speaks next and asks her to attend her brother’s wedding. Pakhi refuses. Leela angrily disconnects call. Dimpy walks in. Leela says why did she come now instead of evening. Dimpy recalls Samar’s words to rethink about the wedding as its a question of their lives. Vanraj asks Dimpy if something happened. Dimpy says she came to check arrangements. Anuj asks Anupama to hold him tightly as its a bumpy road. Anupama says she is fine by herself. Leela asks Dimpy to leave now and come in the evening. Dimpy says they should speak ad get along with each other as they have to live together now. Leela says she hopes that day comes very late. Kinjal asks Dimpy to go and meet Samar in his room. Leela says let us prepare sweets first. Dimpy asks Shahs to hire servants for preparations and if they can’t afford it, she will ask Anuj to send some servants as Kapadias as enjoying parlor visit and relaxing to enjoy tonight’s ceremony.

Leela says this is Shah house and not Kapadia house, they stretch their feet according to their status and even she should learn to adjust. Dimpy starts arguing with Leela and challenges to dare try to send her out. Samar walks to them and asks what happened. Kinjal says there was some misunderstanding which is sorted out. Dolly asks Samar if he selected his sherwani. Samar says Dimpy will do it. Toshu jokes to at least let them select his pajama. Dimpy says Anuj has asked designer to bring Samar’s sherwani and he has gone to market to pick some stuff. Vanraj hears that and thinks even Anupama has gone to market. He leaves to market to stop their meeting. Kinjal disperses family silently. Dimpy says sorry to Samar and asks him to speak to her as she can’t bear his silence, she says she fears losing relationships and can’t tolerate losing him. Samar says he is sorry and accepts her sorry, but he meant what he said today as he loves his family immensely and can’t stay without them. Dimpy thinks she will be silent until marriage happens, then she will rule over this house.

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