Anupama 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj Wants To Break Up With Anupama?

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Anupama 23rd March 2023 Written Episode

Anupama holds Anuj when he slips. He walks aside, but his bracelet gets stuck in Anupama’s sari. Pyar Hai Ya plays in the background. Anupama says however he tries to go away from her, he can’t. She frees her pallu. Anuj tries to leave. Anupama holds his hand and asks him to speak out what is in his mind. Devika says in a relationship, if one is finger, other has to become water or else relationship will burn away. Ankush says Anupama has to become water today. Dheeraj says Anuj had supported Anupama when Anupama had problems, now Anupama has to support Anuj. Anupama insists Anuj to speak out and lighten his heart; if he thinks she’s not bothered about Little Anu’s departure, hope there was an x-ray which would show a pain of a mother.

Anuj says pain shows up on face and he saw a smile on her face instead during holi function in the morning. Anupama says smile is a blanket which covers sorrows; there is a difference between them at this time; he is looking at one side of a coin and she is looking at another side of a coin; he feels Little Anu left them, but she feels they can meet Little Anu; he should have some patience, everything will be alright. Anuj says he can live with pain, but can’t live with fake hopes; she is finding a way for Little Anu’s return instead of blocking her way to leave, he lost his daughter because of Anupama and he has no emotion or love left in his heart now and no bring picture or hope can fill it. Anupama says she is with him always. Anuj says he doesn’t need her.

Anupama is shocked to hear that and asks what did he say, if he doesn’t need his Anupama; she waited for her for 26 years and now hates her. Anuj says he can’t hate her even if he wants to, but doesn’t know if he loves her anymore. Anupama asks if he doesn’t know or he doesn’t love her anymore. Anuj says he doesn’t know, he just sees his daughter going away from him whenever he looks at her and she reminds him of his failure; he feels suffocated in this house. Anupama asks even with their relationship? Anuj says he doesn’t know but just knows that his relationship is with pain now and not Anupama, and when there is nothing left, what will they do with this relationship. Anupama shocked asks what did he say. Anuj says Anupama has her blood relations and happiness on one side and a helpless Anujon the other side, he doesn’t want to stay with her now.

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Anupama breaks down hearing that. Anuj recalls quality moments spent with Little Anu and then her leaving him. Pyar Hai Ya Saza.. song plays in the background.

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