Anupama 23rd March 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Worries For Anuj

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Anupama 23rd March 2022 Written Episode

Anuj gets teary eyed and restless to meet Anuj and tries to get out of house but stops. Dil Kehta Hai Chal Unse Mil… song plays in the background. He thinks what is going in Anu’s mind, what would be her decision. Anu picks her mobile to call Anuj but stops remembering Vanraj’s words. She thinks decision is very tough, but she will inform Anuj after her dance performance and break Anuj’s heart. Anuj gets a call and stand stunned saying tomorrow is. Bapuji thinks he needs to talk to Anu and seeing tulsi pooja already performed calls Anu. Vanraj says Anu left home early morning. Baa asks Bapuji why is he looking tense. Bapuji warns if they try to ruin Anu’s happiness, he will not spare them. Baa tells Vanraj that his Bapuji cannot see anything than Anu. Vanraj says today they will decide about it.

Anu prepares for her dance in the green room and thinking she needs to inform aboutut her decision calls someone. Anuj finishes his business meeting and rushes in his car to watch Anu’s performance. Bapuji with Samar and Kinjal walks to Anu and asks what is she going to reply Anuj. A crew member interrupts them and takes Anu from there. Samar says he feels something weird. Kinjal says she feels as if something wrong will happen. Anuj while driving thinks he couldn’t speak to Anu for hours for the first time, but he understands that even she needs space. Anu gets ready for her performance. She remembers Anuj encouraging her to just concentrate on her dance when she is on stage and nothing else. She thinks she will inform her decision and end this story. She then thinks for the first time she couldn’t speak to Anuj for hours and looking at his pic apologizes for last night’s rude behavior and thinks if he will not wish her all the best. He busy driving doesn’t pick her call.

GK visits Anu and wishes her all the best. He notices her tensed and asks reason. Anu says Anuj didn’t call her since morning. He says he spoke to Anuj, he is out of Ahmedabad for a meeting and must be busy. She says he always picks her call and asks him to call Anuj once. GK tries and says he must be busy in a meeting and walks away wishing her all the best again. Anuj continues driving fast thinking he is coming to watch Anu’s performance and then hear her decision.

Shah family gets into auditorium to watch Anuj’s dance performance. Baa and Vanraj with Kavya also walk in. Bapuji asks what are they doing here. Baa says he has problem with everything. Bapuji says they will see his daughter winning. Baa comments they all will be sad if Anu loses. Kavya comments Baa and Vanraj will be sad if Anu wins, irking them both. Rakhi thinks this family is so entertaining, she doesn’t know whether to look at the stage or their drama. Mamaji jokes with her. Vanraj taunts grandma wants to dance and there will be a problem if she gets a leg sprain. Devika enters and replies problem is in his thinking. Baa comments divorced woman came. Devika hugs her and says I love you too and says she is waiting for Anuj jijaji. GK joins them.

Anuj eagerly waits for Anuj before her performance and thinks she will inform her decision to him first and end this issue first. Bapuji asks Samar to call Anuj and find out where he is. Host walks on stage and starts the show. Anuj picks Samar’s call. Samar says Anuj’s performance will start in 1 hour. Anuj says he will reach in 59 minutes. His car starts troubling. Samar informs Bapuji that Anuj is coming. Devika says its really good. Anu remembers Baa, Vanraj, Rakhi’s taunts and Anuj’s decision. Kinjal hopes Anuj reaches on time. Samar says he will. Hosts asks audiences if anyone would like to dance on stage. Mamaji, Kavya, and Meenu raise their hands. Vanraj stops Kavya. Mamaji jokes. Devika taunts Vanraj to go on stage and get insulted. Vanraj says insult’s wholesale agency belongs to Anu. Devika taunts back Anu divorced that agency.

Anuj’s car’s brakes fail and he crashes his car. Anu wobbles and falls down. She notices red color spilling out and gets worried for Anuj. Crew members make her sit. Mob rush towards Anuj’s car.

Precap: Anu worries for Anuj. Devika seeks police help. Police reach Anuj’s car. Rakhi asks Vanraj that his ex-wife’s boyfriend hasn’t reached yet. Police take a dead body and discuss to inform Anuj’s fmaily.

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