Anupama 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Rakhi Insults Vanraj

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Anupama 23rd July 2021 Written Episode

Samar drags Pakhi and insists Pakhi to apologize mummy/Anu as a problem between mummy and Mr Shah started again because of her. She resists and kicks her foot. He leaves her and she falls down. Toshu enters and seeing Pakhi crying shouts at Samar. Samar asks him not to judge the situation without knowing what happened. Toshu doesn’t listen to him and continues shouting supporting Pakhi. Samar says he became like Mr Shah who verdicts without knowing truth. Toshu shouts everyone in this house are dramebaaz. Samar says everyone includes elders and he cannot insult them. Toshu continues. Their fight starts. Bapuji watches them and says its better only he saw it, it would have been better if god had not given him a long life to see this. Baa consoles sad Anu and says children give pain not only during birth but whole life, some days less and some days more like an EMI, so she shouldn’t bother much. Anu says she is worried that things won’t get normal again. Baa says until she is there, things will get normal or else she can give a 10-page lecture. Anu calms down. Next morning, Anu enters kitchen and sees Kavya present there who says she already prepared breakfast for everyone including her as she is not like her. Pakhi enters, and Kavya offers her choc cereal breakfast and says she packed her lunch box with choc spread sandwiches. Pakhi gets happy. Anu offers ajwain/carrom seeds to Pakhi and asks her to have them when she gets stomachache as excess choc is unhealthy. Kavya interferes. Anu says when she doesn’t eat excess choc, why is she forcing Pakhi. Kavya says she is on a diet and Pakhi can have anything at her age. Pakhi backs Kavya as usual and arrogantly asks Anu not to vent out her anger on Kavya, asks how much to pay for her carrom seeds, and asks Kavya to drop her to school and buy her painkiller on the way. Anu stands sad.

Vanraj is busy serving customers in his cafe when Anu walks to him and asks to speak to Pakhi once as she listens to him. He says he already it, he knows yesterday it went overboard, so let us end it right here. She nods yes. Samar brings cafe pamphlets printed by his friend. Mamaji checks and says its printed reverse. Vanraj says its a marketing strategy to garner customer’s attention. Mamaji jokes on Baa. Vanraj sees another pamphlet of new neighborhood cafe with better interiors and more discount and gets angry. Anu reminds him that one should run based on their leg strength and not shoes. He agrees. Samar informs that mummy will take class in one of student’s house today. Mamaji says he should have better strategy than rival cafe. Anu says when the water well cannot come near a thirsty, thirsty should go near water well. Vanraj understands her meaning and distributes pamphlets to passer by public requesting them to visit his cafe once. Bapuji gets sad noticing that and says he didn’t know he had to see this day. Anu says there is no shame in hard working and joins Vanraj followed by Samar. Kavya walks in next and seeing them fumes that this cheap idea must be of Anu, thinks she should run away before anyone sees her.

Toshu brings Rakhi and her friend to the locality to open their coaching class’ new branch when Rakhi’s friend sees Vanraj and Anu distributing pamphlets and taunts Rakhi. Rakhi gets angry and thanks god that Kinjal is in office or else she would have joined them. Anu offers pamphlet to Rakhi and asks her to visit the cafe with her friends. Vanraj gives pamphlets to Toshu to distribute among his friends. Rakhi walks away from there infuriated and throws away pamphlet which hits Vanraj’s face. In the evening, Anu and others return home tired thinking they had good publicity of their cafe when they see Rakhi sitting on Baa’s swinger. Baa warns nagin/Rakhi to get out of her swinger. Rakhi says she doesn’t know what to tell them as she never spoke to sadakchaap/street tramps. Baa asks whom she is referring as sadakchaap. Rakhi says one who live on road streets are sadakchaap. Vanraj warns her to mind her language. Rakhi warns him to mind his actions and says he lost his respect by distributing pamphlets on road. Baa says even she came here walking on street. Rakhi yells both rich and poor walk on street and there is a difference, congratulates Shah family that they have become beggars and says these people were distributing their cafe’s pamphlets like beggars. Vanraj says if marketing is begging, then there is a board with her photo on Dave Excellency Classes 4 lanes away, we came back but Rakhi’s photo is begging to join her classes; he usually respects his samdhan, but she forced him to disrespect her with her heinous deeds. Rakhi says she is not surprised as sadakchaap people speak like this, she gave her daughter in a poor’s family and not beggar’s family. Vanraj says her daughter herself came here, hardwork is not called begging. Rakhi yells learnt new words beggars and rag pickers. Vanraj says his bapuji was also present on the street. She says she made his bapuji a beggar with him. Vanraj shouts to shut up.

Precap: Anu says even after being together for 25 years and then separating, a man and a woman are humiliated. She asks Kavya if she has a problem with her staying in this house and her husband opening cafe in her karkana/factory. Kavya says yes. Anu asks her and her husband to get out of her factory and house.

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