Anupama 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Files For A Divorce

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Anupama twenty third January 2021 Written Episode

Anu sits weeping in her room. Samar walks to her and asks if she is submitting for a divorce. She asks if she is doing flawed. He says she is doing proper as damaged coronary heart doesn’t suppose flawed. Kavya takes Vanraj dwelling and hugging him says he returned to her finally. She asks him to file for his divorce quickly. Vanraj says there isn’t any drawback together with his divorce as Anu would simply give it, however Anirudh would create an issue and never give her divorce simply as he’s unpredictable. Anirudh enters and says he’s completely proper and says this man is sort of a soccer who’s kicked from either side; when his spouse didn’t settle for him, he got here to Kavya and when Kavya kicked him out, he went again to his spouse and vice versa; he got here right here as his spouse kicked him once more; he noticed Vanraj strolling behind Anupama to temple and after she rejected his strikes he returned again to Kavya; he’s of a saying na ghar ka na ghat ka. Kavya yells to not repeatedly combine poison in her life and may get misplaced. He says he’s a matchbox for her and Vanraj agarbathi, she is utilizing him to burn Vanraj; can’t she see Vanraj is utilizing her. She shouts why is he bothered about her, if he so, why don’t he divorce her. He says if she need divorce, she has to pay him solely 60 lakhs. Vanraj yells at Anirudh that he’s shameless. Anirudh says when he noticed Kavya is surrounded by shameless individuals, he got here in; this home’s price is 1 crore 20 lakhs and he wants his 50% share of 60 lakhs; they purchased this home with love, however when there isn’t any love, he wants his returns again; walks away signing paise dedo divorce lelo/give cash and take divorce. Kavya shuts door. Vanraj shouts at Kavya that he knew her husband’s drama will begin as soon as he comes right here, she ought to kind out her divorce along with her husband after which communicate to him.

Pakhi enters room angrily. Anu asks what occurred to her and hugs her from behind. Pakhi angrily frees herself and yells that papa left dwelling once more due to her. Anu confronts her that she loves her papa doesn’t imply she won’t respect her mom, she will not be a small child that her each mistake must be forgiven; she is misbehaving along with her, her brothers, and her bhabhi and if she is going to shout at her father if she will get offended on him; if shouting is a license to vent out frustration, she ought to shout at all of them; she ought to do not forget that she is her mom and if she misbehaves with any member of the family once more, she won’t tolerate it.

Anu walks on street reminiscing the moments she spent with Vanraj and his betrayal. Toot ke hum dono me jo bacha who kam sa hai..track performs within the background. She meets Sanjay they usually each meet a lawyer to file divorce. Lawyer asks if she is bound that she desires to file for a divorce as normally individuals attain lawyer in anger, however again off when their anger cools off. Sanjay says they’re positive. Lawyer says normally girls don’t come right here who. Anu says girls of her age who has grown up kids with one already married. He says normally girls of her age don’t file divorce and if she is bound he’ll file divorce and take his charges as Sanjay is his pal, however it should take a whole lot of money and time for her. Anu says she wants divorce. Lawyer says Sanjay has briefed him about this case and if she desires so as to add some extra allegations apart from infedility, incompatibility, bodily or psychological torture, and so forth. Anu says she desires divorce with none allegations as its not essential to mudsling at one another to get divorce, on the most society will blame her that she wants divorce, however it doesn’t matter to her as her household is aware of every thing and that’s sufficient for her, she won’t smash her household’s dignity to please outsiders, she wants divorce in order that they each can dwell peacefully. He says he’ll file for a mutual consent divorce and asks how a lot cash she desires to ask. She says she doesn’t want something. He says she may have cash to run the home and for her fundamental wants. She says her husband at all times fulfilled his duties of a father and son, she has her personal job and doesn’t want his cash. He says if somebody would have been in her place, they might have crushed him and ruined his dignity and vent out their frustration for the psychological torture he gave. She says she simply desires to get out of this psychological torture and dwell a peaceable life. He says okay then, he’ll fie a mutual consent divorce and allow us to see if different celebration will agree for it or not.

Kavya over cellphone tells Anirudh that she is aware of he doesn’t want 60 lakhs, however is simply making an attempt to bother her. Vanraj smirks considering Anirudh wouldn’t simply divorce her, even he doesn’t need to fall in a divorce drama and dwell a peaceable life. After someday, peon palms him over a letter. Seeing a lawyer’s identify on envelope, he thinks Anirudh should have despatched it and angrily leaves ignoring Kavya. Kavya thinks what occurred to him.

Anu returns dwelling and grinds masalas on stone grinder. Samar asks if she is okay. She says sure. He says individuals received’t spare any stuff, however she is sparing her life, he’s so happy with her. He messages Nandini that mummy is a bit upset now. Household is busy having fun with in front room when Vanraj enters shouting what occurred. Baa asks what occurred. He shouts her bahu despatched a divorce discover and asks Anu what does this imply. Anu says it means she wants divorce and when a thread of relationship can’t be untangled, it’s higher they break it. Kinjal reminisces telling identical to Anu. Anu says she can’t neglect no matter occurred between them. Baa asks why can’t she neglect. She says to neglect, she has to neglect her self-respect and her id. Baa asks if her self-respect is greater than her household. She says nothing is essential than household, however household is constructed with love which their relationship lack. Vanraj says he wished to return dwelling and began loving her, however she denied him. She says as soon as she denied, he returned to Kavya; his love vanished earlier than a line on paper; he might love using 2 boats, however she will be able to’t; he’s harm as she is ending this relationship; in a society the place a girl is even dictated what to prepare dinner, when she recordsdata for a divorce, clearly he’s harm; she won’t let him keep at 2 locations and is shutting one door completely.

Precap: Vanraj takes Pakhi with him warning Anu that he’ll break her vanity. Anu runs behind Pakhi crying.

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