Anupama 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update: Barkha Creates Trouble

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Anupama 23rd August 2022 Written Episode

Janmashtami celebrations start at Kapadia mansion. Ankush fumes seeing office employees at home and tells Barkha that he didn’t know Anupama invited employees home. Barkha says its good as they have to work in the future under us. Anupama dresses Anuj as a Krishnaji and herself as Radha ji and dances around Anuj’s wheelchair on Mohe Panghat Pe.. song. Everyone clap after performance. She them makes Anu cut the cake and feeds it first to Little Anu. At Shah house, Leela calls everyone for pooja and notices Vanraj missing. Pakhi asks what if he went to Anuj’s house. Leela says then there would be a big disaster. She relaxes seeing Vanraj at home itself.

Legal documents fall from Anuj’s pocket. Anupma notices them while walking and is about to check them when Barkha snatches them and says they are hers. Anupama leaves. Barkha fumes on Anuj for being careless. Anupama notices them and thinks they both are up to something. Both families start pooja. Anuj gets a flashback of the accident. Vanraj recalls Anupama blaming him for the accident and silently leaves while the family is busy in pooja. He visits Kapadia mansion while everyone are busy in pooja and apologizes Anuj. Evryone are shocked to see him there. Vanraj takes his children’s oath that he didn’t want to harm him purposefully and says he made a mistake and Anuj is suffering. He requests Anuj to get well soon for Anupama and Little Anu’s sake.

Pakhi walks in next and recalls accompanying Vanraj. Servant takes Little Anu from there. Ankush asks Barkha if Vanraj has gone mad that he came here. Barkha says its good he came to create a drama. Anupama asks Vanraj why did he come here. Adhik thinks Pakhi is dumb to bring Vanraj here, anyways its good for him and Barkha. Vanraj says he tried his best to remember what happened during the accident, but couldn’t. Rakhi enters wishing happy janmashtami to everyone and says she had visited Shahs and seeing Pakhi and Vanraj leaving the house came here. Adhik asks how does she know that they came here. Rakhi says she knows Shahs festival is incomplete without drama and they would come here.

Barkha yells at Vanraj to stop his drama. Anupama warns her to stop as its Anuj’s birthday and not force her to turn her janmashtami into durgashtami. Barkha continues humialting Vanraj. Leela and Hasmukh walk in worried for Vanraj. Barkha says whole family came here to create a drama. Leela says they came to take back Vanraj. Ankush says they would have made a phone call instead. Anupama asks them to stop the drama during Anuj’s birthday. Barkha accuses her that she doesn’t love Anuj at all and Anuj wrongly married a 3 children’s mother and a divorce woman. She says she is supporting Vanraj even after he confessed to taking Anuj on a cliff and pushing Anuj. Kavya says that is called humanity which Rakhi and Barkha don’t know of.

Barkha continues to attack Anupama’s character and says they don’t trust her for taking care of Anuj or Kapadia empire. Anuj’s eyes shake in anger. Anupama says Barkha and her husband showed their true colors immediately after Anuj fell ill. Barkha says she didn’t see her true colors yet and gives her legal documents. Anupama reads the documents and stand shocked.

Precap: Ankush says he will handle Kapadia empire and not Anupama. Anupama says they started Mahabarat. Anuj’s condition improves and he calls Anupama’s name.

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