Anupama 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Shah Family Blames Anupama

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Anupama 23rd August 2021 Written Episode

Baa thinks Anu will prepare rakhi and she will prepare sweets. She then thinks she is a saas/MIL and should prepare sweet with her bahu/DIL. She calls Kavya. Kavya asks if she called her and why she is so sweet today. Baa after much talk says they both will prepare sweets for rakshabandhan. Kavya denies and walks away. Nandini then sees Anu making rakhi out of a thread and chats with her. Anu asks her to check with Samar if her business loan amount is transferred in her account. Nandini asks her to relax as money will be transferred. Anu thinks there won’t be any nazar/evil eyes on her family. Samar returns tensed and inorms her that money is disbursed from bank but not transferred into her account. Anu walks to Vanraj’s cafe. Vanraj gets a call that his cafe chef Vinod met with an accident and rushes to hospital. Anu panics thinking how can she make such a big mistake. Samar calms her down. She asks him to call Bapuji. He tries and informs that Bapuji’s phone is switched off. She vomits in tension and he serves her water. He then asks what will they do now. She says hiding truth is like lying, they need to inform everyone whatever the consequences are.

Baa forces Kavya to prepare laddu with her and taunts her. Vanraj returns home. Kavya asks if he is fine. He informs that their cafe chef Vinod met with an accident, but he is fine now. Kavya says Anu should come home soon to prepare laddus. Baa asks her to continue her work. Kavya asks Vanraj about loan. He says he forgot to ask her in Vinod’s tension and will find out once she returns home. Anu with Samar and Nandini returns home shattered and stands seeing Vanraj and Baa laughing. Vanraj calls her in and asks if loan formalities finished. Toshu and Kinjal also gather. Vanraj seeing Anu tensed asks if everything is fine. Baa, Toshu, and Kinjal call her. Vanraj asks if she fought with someone and ask Samar and Nandini. Nandini says even she doesn’t know. Kavya asks if there is any problem in loan. Anu informs that money is disbursed from bank but didn’t reach her account. Kavya shouts where did the money go then. Vanraj says sometimes it takes time due to technical reason. Anu says she is being frauded, she took loan to clear her 20 lakhs property tax and bank disbursed the loan which didn’t reach her account, now they have debt of 40 lakhs. Toshu asks what happened. Anu says those who met her as bank executives were fraud, she didn’t have Bapuji or Vanraj to guide her and she was tensed regarding Kinjal. Baa asks how did it exactly happened. She explains that she gave her bank account details and all her personal documents to them. Baa asks if she took receipt from them. Anu says they told they will email. Kavya shouts how can she be so careless.

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Vanraj shouts at Anu that she put a huge burden on them and ruined their lives. Kavya shouts that she hates her, but she she put 40 lakhs burden on her own children. She continues yelling at Anu that her one mistake ruined the whole family. Vanraj yells that Anu knows to cook and dance, but doesn’t know paper work, then why didn’t she wait for them. Samar says Bapuji and Vanraj were not present. He says she should have waited and wouldn’t have died. He says he insisted mummy to sign the documents, how will she know executives were frauds. Kavya yells he will support his mother for all her foolish acts, he should have checked the papers instead. He says its his mistake. Kavya says he will take all his mother’s blame on himself. He says mummy almost got a panic attack in academy. Vanraj says he will get a heart attack for sure, how will they manage 40 lakhs, Baa is in shock and Bapuji will also be in shock if hears about it. Toshu says mummy should have called him at least. Kinjal says would he have really come. Kavya continues yelling loudly at Anu followed by Vanraj. Samar asks why they are shouting at mummy and if its their mistake if there is a robbery at home. Vanraj shouts nobody opens the door and invites thieves. Anu apologizes him. He shouts municipal corporation will not accept her sorry, they need to pay tax first and then loan or else their karkhana will be sealed and they would have to sell momos on road. Anu says she made a mistake and will correct it. Vanraj shouts only she has to as she set the fire and should set it off; he has 50% share in karkhana and decided to pay 50% property tax, but she made a mistake and alone will pay for it. He continues humiliating unbearably.

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Precap: Baa health deteriorates suddenly. Anu cries that her family is problem because of her. Kavya brutally humiliates Anu.

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