Anupama 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Ganapati Pooja At Anuj’s House

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Anupama 22nd September 2021 Written Episode

Vanraj performs Ganpathi pooja at his cafe. Anu comes forward to serve aarti. Baa asks Kavya to serve aarti to everyone. Kavya does and says both house and cafe’s pooja is finished. Kinjal says karkhana/warehose as even mummy’s dance academy is here. Vanraj says let us have prasad. Bapuji says they need to visit Anuj’s house after that. Anu seeing asks Baa to have prasad with a smile at least, forgetting anger on her. Baa backs Anu. Baa smiles and has pooja. Kavya gives prasad to Anu. Vanraj stops her and says give her only some as she needs to have pasad at AK’s house also. Anu says he insulted prasad trying to insult her. He says she should bother about her karma, not his. She smiles. Kavya asks why is she smiling. Anu says taunting is woman’s job, but a man is taunting her here; Vanraj being no one taunted her more than her ex-MIL Baa. Vanraj gets angry hearing that.

Chef informs Vanraj that they got a big order for Anu’s signature dish. Kavya thinks Anu will be a servant forever. Vanraj asks to cancel order as he doesn’t need Anu’s favor. Kavya asks why he wants to bear losses to humiliate Anu. Anu says his wife sometimes speaks right. He gets adamant. She says he can pay fees instead of bearing losses. Anu says his wife is right again. Baa also backs Kavya. Vanraj adamantly asks servant to remove Anu’s dishes from menu and cancel order. He taunts Anu that she is a five star hotel’s partner now and will get busy with her friend. Anu says even he was her friend, but he doesn’t understand friendship; he told in cafe if she would be his friend, she followed friendship loyally and helped him in need, but when she is heading towards success, he got jealous of her. She used to pray for his success when she was his wife, ex-wife, and friend, but he didn’t respect any relationship; she was mad to think he would change, but his ego is like an endlessly growing grass. He shouts when she has problem with him, she should go to her rich friend. Anu asks if his problem is AK is her friend, he is rich, or he rejected his proposal. He shouts to shut up and get out. Anu says if he is insisting so much, she should go and asks Kavya if she is looking good and says bye bye Mr Shah. Bapuji says let us go and tells Baa he will feel good if she accompanies him. Anu requests Baa followed by Pakhi and Samar. Baa agrees. Kinjal asks Toshu if he is accompanying them. He nods no. Kavya says even she will go. Vanraj gets angry. She says she needs AK’s professional friendship, says business is done with brain and not by heart and he is removing their most selling dish and paving way to shut his cafe, so she needs a job and will go to AK’s house, V can show his jealousy towards his ex and her friend. Vanraj and Toshu stand fuming while family leaves.

Vanraj makes pooja arrangements. His specs falls. Anu holds it. Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai.. song plays in the background. She greets him, and he welcomes her. GK joins and asks about teenagers. AK says GK means Bapuji and Mamaji, same age group.
Anu says they are coming by lift. Bapuji and Bapuji enter and greet them followed by others. Kavya says being super rich, she thought he lives in a villa or mansion, but his house is very simple and small. AK says being alone its easier to stay in a small house than a big mansion and recites a shayari. Anu says she understood its meaning.
GK takes everyone in. AK welcomes Anu in his gharib khana/poorman’s house. Anu says its good to feed poor today. He laughs. On the other side, Toshu tells Vanrajt that he shouldn’t have let Kavya visit AK’s house. Vanraj says even he is feeling bad, but Kavya needs a job and hence went to AK’s house. AK performs pooja singing bhajan and serves aarti to everyone. Anu praises Ganapati idol and others back her. GK says AK himself made it, he became a good sculptor and shayar under his guidance. Mamaji jokes. Anu complements AK and he smiles. Kavya gets jealous seeing their chemistry. Vanraj with Toshu heads towards AK’s house remembering AK calling him and inviting him again. He thinks let him see what is in AK that his whole family is AK’s fan, he will show AK that its his family and not AK’s.

Precap: Anu says AK can defeat anyone in arm wrestling. AK and Vanraj compete challenging each other.

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