Anupama 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanraj’s Lies

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Anupama twenty second October 2020 Written Episode

Anupama collapses after seeing Vanraj and Kavya’s romance. Vanraj rushes to Anu. Kavya panics and says she doesn’t assume Anupama would have seen them collectively and collapsed identical to that. Vanraj asks her to go away and let him deal with his spouse. Kavya leaves from there. Vanraj checks Anupama’s pulse and breath. In lounge, household is busy taking selfies and chitchats. Devika hears their dialog and walks in direction of Anu’s room. Kavya thinks what if one thing occurs to Anu or she informs about her and Vanraj to household. She clashes with Devika in a rush. Devika asks her to watch out. Kavya rushes away. Devika thinks what occurred to Kavya and continues strolling in direction of Anu’s room In lounge, Kavya sees household busy taking selfies and silently tries to flee, however clashes with Rakhi. Rakhi asks if she is okay, she is behaving as if she noticed a ghost or she is caught red-handed. She picks flowers from Kavya’s garments. Kavya runs away. Rakhi thinks complete home has sunflowers, rose have to be from Anu and Vanraj’s bed room, she hopes she will get a stable purpose to interrupt Kinjal and Toshu’s wedding ceremony.

Devika sees Anu unconscious on ground, rushes to her and asks Vanraj what did he do to her. Vanraj shouts its his home. Devika says one mendacity unconscious is her pal, what occurred precisely right here, she noticed Kavya working out. Kavya runs out and clashes with Nandini. Nandini holds her hand and asks what did she do. Devika shouts and informs household that Anu is unconscious. Nandini rushes in whereas Kavya runs to her residence. Household gathers round Anu frightened and ask Vanraj what occurred to Anu. Vanraj stands mum. Baa asks Bhavesh to take his mom out and asks Vanraj if he’ll converse. Devika says solely Vanraj can inform what occurred as she discovered Anu unconscious when she entered room. Kavya in her home panics considering Anu would have woken up by now and knowledgeable about her and Vanraj.

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Samar insists Vanraj to inform what did he do to mummy. Vanraj shouts to behave together with his father. Baa yells to not blame Vanraj as Anu should have fallen unconscious as a consequence of weak spot. Samar says maa works complete day and by no means will get drained. Entire household insists Vanraj to inform what occurred right here precisely. Vanraj says he was in rest room and when he got here out he noticed Anu unconscious, he didn’t do something. Devika reminisces Kavya working out. Nandini additionally reminisces Kavya lacking from venue. Jhilmil consoles Meenu and asks her to hope for maami/Anu. Physician comes and checks Anu. Toshu and Samar ask what occurred to their mummy. Physician says her BP has shot up and appears like she obtained a serious shock, if one thing had occurred. Devika remembers Kavya working out of home once more. Physician provides injection and asks household to name her if Anu’s situation worsens. Samar insists Vanraj to inform what did he do this mummy obtained a shock. Baa as common helps Vanraj. Devika asks everybody to exit and let her be with Anu. Samar insists to be with mummy. Anu’s mom cries. Everybody stroll out besides Devika and Vanraj. Vanraj stands tensed whereas Devika angrily appears to be like at him. Devika then cries reminiscing latest incidents and pulling Anu’s legs.

Household walks to lounge. Rakhi says she’s going to depart now. Baa says she would have loved if there was a drama. Kinjal tells Rakhi that she’s going to keep right here as her household wants her. Rakhi thinks why Kinjal desires to take elder servant/Anu’s place and walks away asking her to take care. Baa cries saying solely abshagun is occurring for the reason that wedding ceremony was deliberate. Kinjal consoles her. Baa prays god that if one thing occurs to his daughter, he is not going to maintain quiet. Devika finds Kavya’s earring in Anu’s room. Anu unconsciously repeats why. Devika asks asks what…

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Precap: Anu opens eyes. Vanraj asks if she is okay. Anu panics reminiscing Vanraj and Kavya’s romance.

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