Anupama 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Fights With Vanraj And Baa For Samar and Nandini

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Anupama twenty second Might 2021 Written Episode

Anupama helps Nanini. Kavya asks Nandini how can she conceal such a giant situation. Anu says no one will query Nandini. Vanraj says she is correct, she needs to be questioned, Ms Anupama not Shah anymore; asks why didn’t she inform them such a giant situation. Baa and Dolly again him. Anu says even stopped clock reveals proper time twice a day, however she is all the time improper for Vanraj; she didn’t know that Nandini can’t turn out to be a mom, however now she is aware of as Nandini knowledgeable her; Nandindi may have hidden it, however she did proper by informing it earlier than marriage. Baa yells she means Nandini is correct and they’re improper. Anu says she didn’t imply Baa is improper. Baa asks if she ought to carry out Nandini’s aarti then. Anu says its not a small situation or small ache, Mr Shah is all the time unable to grasp different’s ache, however as a girl, she, Baa, and Dolly can perceive Nandini’s ache; they re all offended on Nandini and Samar, however she is pleased with them as Nandini didn’t conceal the reality and Samar didn’t depart her after discovering the reality; she is pleased with Samar’s upbringing and if Vanraj shouldn’t be, he ought to as his so referred to as incompetent son has grown so large that he has to lift his neck in proud; Vanraj can’t perceive a girl’s ache like all the time. Vanraj says its a query of hiding fact, he accepted Nandini and Samar’s alliance even after understanding Nandini is elder than Samar. Baa reacts listening to that. Anu says they can’t change the actual fact. Baa yells that along with her repeated dialogue, she has ruined their household and now desires to carry such a bahu now; even when Samar or Anu doesn’t thoughts, she minds. Anu asks why. Baa says Anu divorced and washed off her palms, however she desires to turn out to be an incredible grandmother and is nervous about proliferating her household. Anu asks if household’s proliferation is vital or kids’s happiness. Vanraj shouts if she is out of her thoughts, children don’t need the significance of youngsters, however after they develop up like him, her, and Baa, they are going to notice how vital kids are. Anu says there are numerous {couples} on the planet who don’t need kids. He says we’re speaking about us. She says we’re speaking about our son. He says Samar is a child and can later notice that he’s improper. Anu says there’s nothing improper in it and so they may even undertake a toddler. Baa says one turns into a mom by giving beginning and never adoption. Anu says one doesn’t turn out to be a mom by giving beginning or adoption, however by coronary heart and mom is one who has motherhood in her coronary heart. Baa says there received’t be Nandini’s personal kids. Anu says Kanhaji was not Yashoda maiya’s personal little one. Vanraj they had been god, however we’re people who have to proliferate.

Nandini asks Vanraj to not combat with Anu due to her. Samar asks what’s improper if Nandini can’t turn out to be a mom, what if the accident would have occurred after marriage, why are they making such a giant situation for kids. Nandini asks Kavya why she shouldn’t be supporting her whereas she determined to not have a child, if she doesn’t wish to help her niece to be in Vanraj and Baa’s good books. Kavya tries to justify. Nandini says its pointless to count on something from her as she is Kavya and never Anupama who stands for others and isn’t egocentric like Kavya. Baa says aunt and niece can combat later, they need to speak about this situation now. Samar asks what’s Bapuji’s father’s identify. Baa replies. He asks his grandfather’s identify. Baa replies. He asks his nice grandfather’s identify. Baa asks if he’s mad, how can she keep in mind. He says she doesn’t know whose household desires to proliferate. Vanraj shouts Samar.

Advaith asks them to calm down and says he is aware of he ought to intervene between their household, however he desires to say that with superior medical remedy, Nandini and Samar can turn out to be dad and mom, so this time is to take pleasure in and never combat. Vanraj warns him to not intervene in his household points. Advaith apologizes and leaves. Samar confronts him that he ought to have revered a minimum of Dr. Adi. Vanraj shouts simply shut up. Toshu asks Vanraj to relax and Samar to maintain silent. Samar asks how can he as he hasn’t taken up a accountability of household’s proliferation, he’s nonetheless 22 years outdated and and is discussing about kids as if his little one will made a distinction within the nation’s large inhabitants. Toshu shouts what did he clarify him in room. Vanraj shouts why will he perceive. Anu asks why is he stretching the difficulty, he all the time thinks he’s proper and others improper. Vanraj shouts she and her son are improper. Baa shouts to cease and throws engagement ring and shagun coin thali in entrance of Anu and says no matter Anu says Nandini can’t turn out to be her household’s bahu and this engagement and alliance are canceled as Nandini can’t turn out to be a mom. Vanraj say its even his resolution and if Samar desires to turn out to be a hero and elope and marry like his brother, he won’t step on this home and if he marries Nandini, his relationship will finish together with his household and he can be solely Anu’s son. Baa shouts this situation ends right here.

Anu picks engagement ring and shagun coin and says this situation won’t finish like this. Baa asks if she is going to disobey her. Vanraj says Baa’s phrases are last. Anu says being a mom, she can’t reject different’s daughter simply because she can’t turn out to be a mom; if that was the case, world would have remembered Devaki maa and never Yashoda maiya; like her son’s household proliferation is vital for Baa, her son’s happiness is vital to her and therefore based on her, this engagement ought to occur. Vanraj says all the time her resolution won’t work and as a father, he won’t settle for this engangement. Baa says her son’s resolution issues to her and never outsider’s. Baa is damage listening to that whereas Kavya smirks. Baa says she ought to do not forget that she is simply Anupama and never a Shah, so she doesn’t have any proper to intervene of their points. Vanraj shouts Baa is correct, Anu shouldn’t be a Shah anymore, however Samar remains to be a Shah. Anu says now she realized why a girl is afraid of divorce of their society, she is afraid of a change put up divorce as not solely her relationship however her bonding additionally ends, she additionally loses a proper on her kids; she lived an excellent mom, good spouse, good bahu’s life for 25 years and now inside 25 hours of divorce, she is proven her place; anyhow its a query of her kids and he or she requests to not vent out their anger on her kids, they need to take a choice rigorously as it’ll smash kids’s lives. Baa says even her entire day’s lecture won’t change her resolution. Vanraj says even his.

Anu asks what about Kavya. Kavya says Baa is elder and let her resolve. Nandini says no one has to resolve something, in the event that they don’t need this engagement, then it won’t; even when she is married to Samar, her relationship can be with entire household and he or she wants elder’s love and blessings; she desires to comply with every relationship and can’t go in opposition to their happiness. She apologizes Anu and Samar. Samar says even he doesn’t wish to, he desires to engagement with household’s approval or else no. Anu says she is pleased with her kids; they will finish their relationship however not love and Mr Shah is aware of nicely about it. Vanraj smirks and says she left her husband and home, bud didn’t cease her drama. He asks Samar if he desires to stick with his mom or household. Samar says his household is wherever his mummy is. Vanraj says this operate and drama ends right here and walks away together with his household. Anu apologizes Samar and Nandini for the drama right this moment and guarantees that their engagement will occur with household’s approval. They each hug her emotionaly.

Precap: Anu dances on Mere Dholna Solar.. tune. Vanraj breaks music system and yells at Anu that his vital interview was spoilt due to her dance, so he’ll break her ghungroo. Anu says he broke her ghungroo even earlier than, however couldn’t break her and right this moment he can’t.

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