Anupama 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Scolds Pakhi For Her Mistake

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Anupama 22nd July 2021 Written Episode

Anu asks Pakhi if she knows how crop is grown and if she saw farmers and fields. Pakhi says she saw happy farmers in movies. Anu says its parent’s mistake that they show children an easy life and take them to London on vacation instead of a hard working farming growing crops or else Pakhi wouldn’t have asked to throw away whole food. Pakhi yells if its her fault that she didn’t see fields. Anu says she saw her papa working hard to earn money and describes how they used to chant in childhood that one should fill the plate only which they can finish. Pakhi stands arrogantly. Anu gives her 3500 rs and asks Pakhi to burn it. Kavya tries to interfere. anu shuts her mouth. Pakhi yells what the yell, she is not mad to burn the money. Anu says she already burnt it. Anu shows her and her friend’s wasted pizza, milkshake, and other food and says out of 4200 rs worth food, they wasted 3500 rs worth food; she can’t even throw it to dogs as it will spoil their tummy. She continues tongue lashing Pakhi and says she would have ordered food which only she can finish. Vanraj asks not to exaggerate the issue. Anu says it has already exaggerated, why didn’t he stop when he knew its Pakhi’s order. Vanraj says why would he. Pakhi arrogantly asks if her friends should have gone hungry. Anu says they don’t send even a postman hungry from their house. Vanraj says its okay. Anu says just like pampering children, they should scold them for their mistakes. Pakhi arrogantly says she didn’t do any mistake.

Samar asks if she is so dumb to not accept her mistake or she doesn’t want to. Their argument starts. Pakhi starts crying. Kavya yells at Anu that she with her typical middle class mentality made Pakhi cry and loves seeing everyone crying. Baa scolds and shuts her mouth. Vanraj shouts its enough now, he will not tolerate his daughter being scolded for a mere 4200 rs. Anu says its not about money as she never scolded her children from breaking any stuff mistakenly, its about wasting money and not realizing mistake. Vanraj says Pakhi is a kid and will learn slowly. Anu says they need to teach Pakhi now itself and she has to take responsibility for her mistakes and correct them. Argument continues. Vanraj shouts its enough now. Kavya yells she is making such a big issue for just 4200 rs, she will pay it with tip. Anu says she should pay her husband as its his cafe. Vanraj shouts lets end this issue right here and walks away. After sometime, Vanraj confronts Anu for creating a drama for a simple issue and says her dance academy is running well, but his cafe hasn’t yet, so he needs a peace of mind. She asks he should keep quiet and not talk to her when she doesn’t want to and walks away from there.

In the evening, Anu with Samar cleans Pakhi’s wasted food remembering today’s drama. She asks Mamaji to have dinner. Mamaji says he is not hungry and will have milk. Baa also says same and asks Anu to feed rest of the family. Kavya yells that nobody wants to have dinner because of Anu. Pakhi gives 2200 rs to Vanraj saying she took it from her piggy bank and will repay the rest soon. Vanraj asks not to do that. Baa scolds Pakhi for her rude behavior and warns to slap her if she shows her arrogance. Kayva yells at Anu again for that. Anu warns her not now and asks Pakhi to have dinner. Pakhi says she doesn’t have any money to pay and walks towards her room. Samar confronts her. Kavya interferes. Samar warns her not to interfere between siblings and walks behind Pakhi. Kavya then yells at Anu that she created a rift between family. Vanraj yells at Anu that his daughter is hungry because of her. Anu says Pakhi is also her daughter and as a mother, she knows when her daughter is hungry and would have been in Pakhi’s room with thali now. Vanraj continues blaming Anu and Baa. Anu says if they will not correct her, then who else will. He targets Samar next. She asks why he targets Samar always for wrong things. He warns if Samar hits Pakhi, he will not spare Samar. She challenges that Samar has her upbringing and will not do any mistake.

Precap: Bapuji sees Vanraj distributing his cafe’s pamphlets to public and feels sad. Anu says there is nothing wrong in it. Rakhi’s friend taunts her that her samdhi is distributing pamphlet on road. Rakhi fumes on Vanraj and Anu.

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