Anupama 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Back To His Arrogant Self

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Anupama 22nd January 2022 Written Episode

Anupama tells Pakhi that where there is a goal, there is a way. She says Samar was not good at studies, but he knew his goal; even Pakhi should find her goal or else she will be tired walking aimlessly; every child is different and has a different dream, some want to become a doctor, singer, dancer, engineer, etc., but Pakhi doesn’t have her own dream and is listening to her friends. She continues her moral gyaan and says once she finds an aim in her life, her mother will not rest until she reaches her aim. She gives final verdict that she will not go to US until she knows what she wants to do in life and suggests her to study hard and gets a scholarship like Toshu suggested. Pakhi angrily says fine. Anu says all the best, sometimes their mind get adamant for wrong things and they need to change it before life explains them painlessly. Bapu says to lighten up the environment says let us end this issue here and celebrate festival. Malvika asks her to cheer up.

Anu walks on terrace to check on pickle thinking Pakhi sometimes gets adamant for wrong reason. Vanraj walks to her and says she was trying to prove him wrong; she lectured him in office regarding Mukku and at home regarding children; she maybe a teacher, but he is not her student and not a fool to not understand what is right and what is wrong for his children; he made a mistake only once and is always not wrong. She says he thinks wrong always like he is now, how can he consider everything is regarding him, she said that to correct Sweety and not him. He asks then why did she stop Muku. She says it wasn’t necessary there; it was an issue of their daughter and nobody can interfere between parents, be it Mukku or Anuj. He says he kept quiet as it was regarding his children, but he will not if Anuj interferes if she cannot let Mukku interfere. Anu warns Malvika and not Mukku. Vanraj says she was Malvika but now Mukku. Anu warns him not to do this. He grins and says he hasn’t started yet.

Shah family performs Sankranti pooja. Vanraj performs aarti and gives thali Mukku. Mukku gives thali to Anu next, leaving Vanraj frowning. Bapuji says today is a festival and when there is happiness in mind, each day is a festival. Baa says let us celebrate festival then. Anu prays god to give her courage to handle everything and wishes happy makar sankranti. Shahs go to garden to fly kite. Mukku excitedly says even she will fly kite. Anuj says he needs to talk to her and says friendship has its own place, but they should interfere at some places. Mukku says she knows and apologized. GK says its Anupama’s relationships first and then theirs. Mukky says she knows and hence she apologized and says let us go now before best kites are picked. Anu says she should remember that Vanraj is just his friend and she should be careful as his life is complicated, she should fly kite carefully or else if thread entangles, everyone would be in problem. She nods yes.

Anu searches Nandini and thinks she needs to speak to her. Kinjal calls her. Bapuji announces kite competition. Vanraj says he will win. Baa reminds that he lost to Anu last time. Toshu says mummy flew kite for the first time last year. Vanraj says he and his situation have changed now. Anu says whether situation changes or not, he changes often and should not think opponent is weaker than him. Samar says let us start. Anu brings sweets for them and apologizes Mukku for scolding her in front of everyone. Mukku jokes who is she, how did she come here, who is she and what is she talking about. Anu asks what? Mukku say she forgot everything and even Anu should, then apologizes Anu. Anu also acts and laughs with her. Anuj feels happy seeing their bonding.

Anu then notices Samar sad and suggests her to go and convince Nandini. Mukku asks what ends so easily. Baa says sweet. Vanraj says secret. Mukku says why did he give the right answer so soon. Pakhi thinks she should choose the best kite first and thinks if she picks pink, Samar will taunt her, and if she pinks yellow, Toshu will taunt her, which color should she select. Anu suggests her to select one she likes and decide what she wants in life or else she will be clueless her whole life, etc. Kinjal announces a game and asks to pick chits and whoever’s chit is blank can choose their partner. Vanraj picks a blank chit. Baa picks GK’s name, Kinjal picks Samar’s, Bapuji picks Mamaji’s. Anu, Anuj, and Mukku get blank chits. Vanraj writes Mukku’s name and Anuj writes Anu’s name. Anu notices Vanraj manipulating chit. Anuj asks Anu if she is ready to be his partner. Vanraj asks Mukku to get ready to win and grinning at Anu thinks he forgot to lose from hereon.

Precap: Shahs dance. Vanraj competes with Anu and says thread and game are in his control. Anu says not a player though. Kavya enters and cuts Vanraj’s thread.

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