Anupama 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya Provokes Baa Against Anupama

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Anupama 21st September 2021 Written Episode

Anuj Kapadia/AK tells Anu that people think business runs with money, but they don’t know that house, life, or business run with people and she knows the talent of making relationships with people and continuing, so he will learn more than what she learns form him; she should take other women and fly forgetting him. She thanks him and says tomorrow is Ganapati bappa’s day and she will have a new beginning tomorrow, shakes hand saying lets rock partner. AK rejoices. At home, Baa prepares modak saying tomorrow they will establish Ganapati even in karkhana. Kavya says they can buy modak from market. Baa says home made modak is better, every year Anu used to make it. Kavya provokes her again and says Anu is making/manipulating her and didn’t return home yet, how much time does it take to sign a paper. Vanraj backs her.

AK drops Anu out and says he will get an auto for her. She says she brought her car and asks if she thought she doesn’t know car driving. He says yes seeing her boarding an auto during gettogether party, he is proud of her. She says her bahu Kinjal taught her driving, she is nervous driving in highway, but can drive in city. He says their site is not in highway, so she can drive her car to site daily. She agrees. He asks her number and gives her missed call. She says she has his number, which she took from Devika to send sweets. He says great and greets Jai Sri Krishna. She drives her car away. He gets excited thinking he got courage to take phone number at least after 25 years.

Pakhi with Samar returns home after shopping for Ganapati festival decoration. Baa says they should decorate karkhana also this time. Samar says let us call AK. Vanraj angrily says no need to call outsiders. Samar says AK is mummy’s friend. Vanraj asks what if he is a friend, will he barge into house often. Samar says even Kavya used to barge in often. Vanraj says Kavya is different, AK is just a friend. Samar says he agrees AK is mummy’s just friend. Vanraj warns to behave with his father. Samar says if he pushes him more, he will stop talking to him. Kavya provokes Vanraj that Samar has become also AK’s puppet now, if this continues, AK will take over Vanraj’s all 3 children. Baa yells AK has entered their lives like a termite. Anu enjoys hot chocolate in her car waiting for Devika. Devika enters car and angrily asks to speak. Anu asks to calm down and shows that she said yes to AK. Devika gets happy and thanks her for saying yes to AK. Anu thanks her for forcing her and says she was right that women of her age don’t get a chance and if she steps a ladder by mistake, many will try to pull down the ladder, but people like AK hold the ladder and are very rare. Devika says this is her life’s best decision. Anu hopes this is AK’s worst decision of life.

GK informs his decision of inviting Shah family for Ganapati festival. AK panics and says its not possible as GK gets emotional seeing Anu. GK says he imagines Radha Krishna in Anu and Anuj, he just needs a bahu. AK after much persuasion agrees and warns not to make any mistake. Anu tells Devika that she is very happy and says her life has 1/2 kg problems with 1 kg happiness, so she fears if she got an adulterated happiness, remembering Vanraj and Kavya’s affair; says she fears she will lose her happiness as usual. Devika asks her to be happy and forget everything. Anu informs her about site visit with AK and asks her to accompany them. She says she has a lot of work, hence partners should visit site. Anu thanks her again and leaves. Devika thinks this time it won’t be easy as AK and Anu are innocent and Vanraj and Kavya are very wicked.

Vanraj angrily orders family that nobody will attend AK’s Ganapati pooja. Kavya thinks how to explain him that their benefit is with befriending AK. Vanraj says nobody will have any connection with AK. Bapuji says he will go. Anu returns home. Baa yells and blames her for fight between father and son and walks away cursing her. Bapuji encourages her not to think much any nonsense and get into and out of house with pride. Vanraj picks phone to call AK and warn him to stay away from family. Kavya stops her and says AK is not a common man and can destroy them, he will not buy their karkhana. Her asks if she can’t see there is a rift between family because of AK. She says he may go away from family trying to keep family away from AK, so he should calm down and vent out his anger on Anu instead of AK; he will lose the game if he plays it calmly.

GK prepares modak and asks what shall he gift Anu for festival. AK says he should give his mother’s necklace. GK says that is a good idea, but bank is closed tomorrow. He says he was joking, if Anu finds out about their intention, she will not come at all as she has already warned to maintain a professional relationship. He further says Vanraj is a problems as he looks frowning always, either he doesn’t like Anu’s success or them working together. GK jokes that Vanraj is always frowning but is fit, he will get their juice out if he fights with them. AK says there won’t be any fight, it just looks like he doesn’t like me, and if that is the case, he will not interfere in Anu’s personal life, but if her professional life is disturbed, he won’t be able to control himself.

Precap: Anu visits AK’s house for festival.
He recites shayari. Vanraj asks Anu to look after her 5 start hotel and not bother about his cafe, orders to remove Anu’s dishes from cafe menu.

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