Anupama 21st May 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Emotional Bidaayi Ceremony

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Anupama 21st May 2022 Written Episode

Leela emotionally blesses Anuj and says he at last took blessings from him. Anuj jokes that why wouldn’t he take blessing when Gujrath’s beautiful girl wants to bless him. Anupama and Anuj then touch Mamaji’s feet. Mamaji jokingly wishes them happy birthday. Leela reminds it their marriage. Devika hugs Anupama and Anuj next. Rakhi also wishes them to be happy always. Leela makes them perform god’s aarti before bidayi riutal. Anupama and Anuj singing a bhajan and perform aarti. After the aarti, Anupama gets emotional recalling the quality moments spent with her children. She says she had come to this house 27 years ago and feels like crying leaving this maika now.

Everyone then sits in the living room. Hasmukh says let us perform bidayi ritual. Samar and others bring sweet and savories to make their life filled with all the tastes of life. Samar, Pakhi, and Toshu feed them sweets and savories. Anupama asks family’s autograph on a piece of cloth with their thoughts for her. Mamaji first writes that he will never forget Anupama. Dolly writes her best wishes next. Meenu gifts them hand written greeting card. Kavya hugs Anupama tightly and wishes her happy married life. Pakhi cries hugging Anupama. Anuj says she can visit them any time. Toshu then cries hugging Anu, apologizes her for the troubles he gave her, promises to become like her, performs her nazar, and writes best wishes next. Anu asks him to not have coffee much till late night, etc.

Samar then cries more vigorously hugging Anupama. Devika says he was more excited than everyone for Anupama’s wedding, he is crying the most. Leela says he used to roam behind Anu holding her pallu whenever she used to go out of house, now Anu is going out permanently. Samar tries to express his feelings. Anuj says no need to try hard as he stays in their heart. Devika says Samar is the biggest support to Anupama and Anuj after her. Samar gives them gifts, and Anuj gives him 81000 rs everyone as promised.

Devika wishes them next emotionally and suggests them be a bit selfish at least now. Leela wishes them next. Hasmukh gets emotional. Anupama warns him to not have cream roll or sweets and take care of herself. Vanraj gives them a gift next and says he will not sign as he is Anupama’s past and she cannot take her past back with her. Hasmukh asks Anuj to keep Anupama happy. Anuj says he will try his best. Samar says nobody will cry today as he wants his mummy to leave the house smiling and her new beginning should be happy. Hasmukh backs him. Samar says his mummy’s bidayi should be special.

Precap: Devika performs Anupama and Anuj’s graha pravesh ritual.

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