Anupama 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Waits For Anuj

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Anupama 21st March 2023 Written Episode

Holi celebration starts at Shah house. Pakhi says Vanraj is participating in holi celebration after 20 years. Hasmukh explains the reason behind celebrating holi and other festivals. Samar says he is right and says let us start when mummy and others come. Vanraj asks if she will come or not? Anupama enters with Ankush, Devika, and Dimple. Leela asks where is Anuj. Hasmukh says he must be parking his car. Anupama meets and wishes happy holi to each family member and takes Hasmukh’s blessings. Leela asks Anupama if she is fine. Anupama says she is fine. Toshu wishes happy holi next, holding Pari in his hands. Anupama feels surprised seeing his improvement and asks why didn’t they inform her about it. Samar says they wanted to surprise him. Toshu gives credit to Anupama for her encouragement and support. Anupama describes what a child’s improvement means to a mother and says even Anuj would be happy hearing about Toshu’s improvement. She asks him to get completely well soon.

Anupama feels sad for Anuj/ Littl Anu runs to her and wishes her happy holi. She lifts and pampers her and says she missed her a lot. She says her 4 children are her life and she is happy to seeing all 4 of them together. Little Anu says soon papa will also understand that she sent her away for her happiness. Anupama then realizes its her imagination and misses Little Anu. Adhik asks Ankush about Barkha. Ankush says she went out on some important work, but sent them a gift with a promise to have a family dinner with them tomorrow. Hasmukh asks Anupama about Anuj. Anupama says he is with his friend Dheeraj. Leela asks Devika when did she come. Devika says 1977 and Baa came in 1947. Leela says she is not that old, she means when did she come to Anupama’s house. Devika says yesterday and gives a good news that she is marrying and her would be husband will come with Anuj. Everyone congratulate her. Anupama hopes Anuj comes with Dheeraj as she wants to fill colors in their life again.

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