Anupama 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Barkha Refuses To Shelter Dimpy

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Anupama 21st June 2023 Written Episode

Barkha gets a message from Dimpy that she and Samar want to shift to Kapadia house. She thinks already Anuj and Maaya are staying in the house and if Dimpy and Samar also shift here, this house will become a zoo, there are many tensions in her life and can’t handle one more stress, Dimpy has to stay in Shah house. Dimpy reads message that she should stay at Shah house at any cost as its beneficial to her. Anupama tries to leave Shah house. Dimpy apologizes Anupama and says she can’t control her anger, but will mend her ways and learn the ways of this house. Anupama asks her to apologize Leela instead as she misbehaved with her and this house also belongs to Leela. Dimpy apologizes Leela and says she should let them stay in her house as family means a lot to them and they can’t stay away from the family. Leela stands silent. Dimpy thinks she has to convince her somehow. Barkha sends paghphera shagun to Leela, calls her and says she called her to invite Dimpy for paghphera ritual. Leela says she will send Dimpy. Barkha says if Samar is busy, she can send Dimpy with Pakhi. Leela asks how does she know Pakhi is here. Dimpy says she informed Barkha. Anupama says Dimpy can go with Pakhi and warns Dimpy to behave with her nanad/SIL at Shah house. She further warns Samar and Dimpy that if they misbehave with anyone again, she will have a short trip from America and will kick them out of the house.

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