Anupama 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Advice To Geeta

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Anupama twenty first June 2021 Written Episode

Baa spies on Geeta together with her binocular pondering Kavya gave all the home’s accountability on Geeta, however she can’t belief Geeta as she could loot the entire home and escape. She sees Geeta pouring entire field of washing powder in washer, runs and stops her and scolds that she will be able to wash entire home’s garments with a lot washing powder. Geeta asks why is she interfering as if its her washing powder. Baa says it’s and Kavya didn’t carry it in her dowry, provides her 2 spoons and orders to scrub al garments with. Geeta thinks she can’t work with Baa’s interference, so she must ask Kavya to divide their share.

Nandini fixes tubelight of their dance academy and asks why didn’t they rent an electrician. He says as a result of electrician was demanding 2000 rs. She slips. He holds her and will get romantic. She says let her work. He says they need to discover a time for love throughout work. He runs behind her they usually fall on a cot. She says she missed him. He says even he missed her and expresses his concern for Anu due to Kavya’s an excessive amount of interference. Nandini says even she feels bizarre and will get afraid pondering of staying with Kavya after marriage. Samar says he has an answer. She asks what resolution. He says they may work arduous on this dance academy and earn cash to purchase their very own home the place Baa, Bapuji, mummy, Kinjal and his siblings can keep fortunately they usually don’t must face Kavya’s drama. Nandini says lets do it.

Geeta over cellphone gossips together with her pal that her new boss has 2 wives staying beneath similar roof, one is divorced and second is newly married, new spouse all the time finds an opportunity to insult outdated one, outdated one is difficult working, greatest drawback in the home is their MIL. She will get afraid seeing Anu listening to her dialog and nervously says she was chatting together with her cousin. Anu doesn’t reply. Geeta asks if she doesn’t really feel bizarre to stick with her sautan beneath similar roof. Anu says she is Mr Shah’s ex-wife and Kavya his current spouse, Baa and Bapuji didn’t let her go and therefore she is staying right here with Baa Bapuji and kids, asks if she desires to know one thing else. Geeta will get extra nervous. Anu says gossip is completed for affairs and never for marriages, she will be able to gossip about it with whoever she desires to however ought to communicate solely fact and if she desires so as to add masala, she ought to in good as a substitute. Geeta says she feels unhealthy for her. Anu says an individual who works for her is Jhilmil and he or she is sort of a sister for her, Jhilmil turned her pal after gaining her belief, so Geeta can’t grow to be her on the spot pal. She walks away advising her to dry garments in shades as they’re dyed one.

Baa asks her to not give a lot lenience to servant. Anu says she, Kinjal, and Kavya are additionally staff and why they really feel proud to work in workplace and name themselves as working girls and really feel disgusted if a lady works at house and name her a maid. Baa says she mustn’t belief Geeta as she just isn’t trustable like Jhilmil. Anu says she didn’t belief even Jhilmil on the begging and simply attempt to belief Geeta equally. Geeta watches TV. Baa scolds {that a} maid is paid to look at TV. Geeta says she completed her work and is watching TV. Baa says TV actress is simply too talkative. Geeta says she is not directly scolding her. Bapuji walks to Baa and asks his specs. Baa asks Geeta to provide Bapuji’s specs from desk. Geea says she has to work just for 2 individuals. Bapuji says its okay, he’ll choose himself. Baa scolds Geeta. Geeta says if she helps, now, they may ask her to work even for them. Baa says serving to elders is nice and he or she ought to study to talk to elders. Geeta says she just isn’t her boss. Baa says she is her boss’s boss and MIL. Geeta says she is boss’ MIL and never hers. Baa switches off TV. Anu tries to calm Baa down. Geeta says she is going to watch serial on TV. Baa switches off wifi. Geea says she has 4G community. Baa says her tongue works quicker than 5G community. Their argument continues when Vanraj walks in. Geeta modifications her tone and goes to organize tea for them. Baa complains Vanraj that his spouse left an issue on them. Vanraj asks her to settle down and informs about his new job provide in his pal’s enw cafeteria, asks Bapuji’s opinion. Bapuji says he’s seeing him smiling after many months, so he ought to settle for this provide as no job is massive or small, destiny has opened a brand new path in entrance of him and it could take him in the direction of success. Vanraj seems at Anu, Anu smiles in approval and prays god. Geeta watches them and thinks their are divorced, however nonetheless related. Vanraj tells Bapuji that he’ll work arduous in his new job and goes to clean up. Baa tells Bapuji that she is seeing a smile on her son’s face after a very long time. Bapuji says she may be very proficient and hopes he will get adjusted in his new job.

Vanraj thinks he ought to work arduous and show himself in his new job and hopes to close his youngsters and spouse’s mouth together with his arduous work. He remembers his previous days after which Anu’s encouraging phrases and thanks Anu for her assist. Kavya calls him, he doesn’t choose it. He then freshens up and goes for lunch. Geeta serves him boiled greens and salad saying madam ordered her to serve him this. Vanraj tries to go away. Baa stops him saying his mom continues to be alive and serves him correct meals. Geeta taunts when he wished to have his first spouse’s ready meals, when why did he make put together it. Vanraj will get indignant and asks Baa to regulate her. Baa says he ought to management his spouse to regulate Geeta. Vanraj enjoys meals. Bapuji sees Anu tensed and asks motive. Anu hopes Kavya doesn’t struggle with Vanraj for having her ready meals.

After generally, Baa enjoys litchi fruit with Samar and Pakhi and says fruits have grow to be very costly. Anu says they can not have similar factor day by day. Pakhi says then why they’ve bottle gourd day by day. Samar says as a result of its wholesome and low cost. Anu laughs. Kavya returns from work drained and rests her legs on desk ignoring Baa. Baa controls her anger. Anu gives litchi to Kavya. Kavya says she is going to purchase herself if she desires to have it, it was such a busy day. Baa jokes if she goes to workplace or drives rickshaw. Kavya says she will be able to discuss to even her. Baa says she herself advised within the morning to not discuss to her and that she obtained FOMO. Kavya asks if she is aware of the that means of FOMO. Baa says concern of lacking out, an individual can study something besides respect which a number of individuals can’t study at any value. Kavya retains down her legs and asks Geeta if one thing occurred in her absence. Baa complains intimately what Geeta did. Kavya says Geeta is her maid, so Baa shouldn’t trouble her. Baa ignores her. Kavya asks Geeta if Vanraj got here. Geeta says he got here, however didn’t have her ready meals. Anu says Vanraj doesn’t like olive oil, so she ought to attempt desi ghee. Kavya yells if she requested her opinion. Baa says she ought to to know what her husband wants. Kavya yells its a query of her husband’s well being. Anu says Kavya’s husband can be Baa’s son. Kavya says she is aware of that, however what’s he to Anu. Anu says she just isn’t focused on her and her husband. Kavya yells why is she interfering then. Anu says she is focused on her youngsters, Baa, and Bapuji and Kavya is aware of she can’t tolerate their insult; Kavya can’t dwell like a pal, however ought to study to respect at the very least. Kavya yells she doesn’t want her gyaan and warns to cease serving meals to V and lure her. Anu says what number of occasions she ought to inform her that she just isn’t interesed in her or her husband. Kavya yells then she ought to cease eyeing on different’s husband. Anu says everybody will not be like Kavya. Baa taunts Kavya. Kavya orders Geeta to organize the meals she orders as she is accountable for V’s health and can’t count on well being something from unfit individuals. Baa says she is dumb to not perceive that habits change over time and never immediately, a person will get irritated if he doesn’t get the meals he likes. Kavya yells to not intervene between her and her husband.

Precap: Bapuji says there will probably be a struggle between Vanraj and Kavya relating to Vanraj’s new job. Kavya yells at Vanraj that he has gone mad to take illiterate Anu’s recommendation. Anu thinks why can’t Kavya perceive that Vanraj wants job. Kavya orders Vanraj that he won’t do a small time job. Vanraj says he didn’t search her opinion and can do what he feels proper.

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