Anupama 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update: Samar Invites Nandini Home for Sankranti Celebration

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Anupama 21st January 2022 Written Episode

Mamaji notices everyone silently celebrating Sankranti festival and asks if they are having maun vrat/silence fast. Bapuji asks what happened to them now. Baa says its a same house, same sankranti festival, Kavya and Nandini are missing, their happiness are gone like a kite when it it cut, kite flies by air, but with Anupama’s departure, even air is flowing in the right direction. Baa says only Anupama can do something. Vanraj hearing that tries to converse with his children. Kinjal says she will prepare tea for him. Vanraj says it okay, Pakhi will. Kinjal seeing Pakhi’s mood says she will. Vanraj asks Pakhi what happened. On the other side, Anupama helps Malvika wear sari. Malvika says she messed up even during her wedding day. Anu says its done and sings Badle Dunya Saari, Tumna Badalna.. song. Malvika says its a lame song and asks why she should wear sari. Anu says because its festival. Malvika asks not to ask her to wear sandals as she doesn’t want to fall again, reminding her entry scene, and says she will wear sneakers. Anu shows her sneakers. Malvika rejoices and says its NB/nanad bhabhi movement. Anu feels nervous and asks not to say that.

Anuj walks in and seeing Malvika in sari says they both are looking very beautiful and performs her nazar. Malvika says they can start their romance and runs out to check on GK. Anuj recites shayari and performs Anu’s nazar. He says once performed her nazar hiding, today he openly did it. She walks away shyingly. Jadubhari ankhen wali.. song plays in the background. He helps her wear necklace and looks at her romantically. His phone rings and he gets busy. She performs his nazar silently.

Samar and Nandini cross each other and remember their dance duet earlier. They try to walk away. Anu holds them and says she was the link between them and will always be; today is sanskranti and they should end their issues today and start afresh; love happens to everyone, but everyone doesn’t get it, and when it leaves, they will be left with only tears. Samar invites Nandini for sankranti celebration. Nandini says uncle and he doesn’t like it. He says she fought with so many relationships for one relationship and now for just 2 people, she is breaking her ties with the entire family; anyways, she can come if she wishes to.

Pakhi dances with family on Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai song. Anu with Anuj, Malvika, and GK walk in. Mukku joins Pakhi. Anu greets Baa and Bapuji and says Bapuji told everyone was sad in the morning, then suddenly what happened. Baa says whatever must have happened is good. Everyone ask Pakhi to reveal the secret. Pakhi says she was sad since morning, but her hero papa fixed everything; he is sending her to US for further studies. Mukku congratulates her while Anu gets concerned. Vanraj says they must be worried how will Pakhi stay in US, but not to worry as Mukku has many contacts there and will settle Pakhi easily. Mukku says of course, neki aur pooch pooch. Toshu says he suggested Pakhi to try for scholarship, but its okay when papa is okay. Vanraj says his dream was to study in US and now Pakhi will fulfill his dreams. Samar returns home. Pakhi excitedly informs him that her dream is fulfilling and she is going to US with her friends for further studies.

Anu says Pakhi will not go. Kinjal says papa said yes. Anu says she is saying no and tells Vanraj that she already said no to Sweety, then why did he say yes without consulting. He says because she said no without consulting him. She says she is still children’s mother. He says he is still children’s father and has right to take decisions; he could study in US as Bapuji’s salary was less, Toshu couldn’t as his salary was less, now he doesn’t want to break Pakhi’s dream. Malvika says she and bhai will help Pakhi, US degree will get her job anywhere in the world, Raj’s decision is right. Anu stops her and says its a parent’s decision and she shouldn’t interfere. Vanraj says he cannot understand why she is becoming a hurdle to her daughter, many kids visit US for further studies. Anu says many kids go, but Pakhi wants to go as her friends are going and she wants to wander US with her friends, she didn’t even once talk about studying well and making parents and grandparents proud. PAkhi says she will obviously study. Anu says when she needs to be pushed to study here, who will push her there; one needs a goal in life and if she tells her goal, she will not stop her. Pakhi blabbers.

Precap: Vanraj warns Anu not to interfere between him and Mukku. Anu says Malvika. He says she became Mukku for him now. During a game play, Anuj selects Anu as his partner and Vanraj selects Mukku.

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