Anupama 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Manipulates Malvika

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Anupama 20th January 2022 Written Episode

Vanraj starts manipulating Malvika. He says maybe that is why his complete focus is on work as he doesn’t want to break her trust and prove himself; Anuj doesn’t trust him and he needs to gain even his trust; Anuj is a successful businessman, but he is not; he is thankful to her for supporting and trusting him, hence he discusses with her issues which he doesn’t discuss with anyone else. Anu tells Anuj that she doesn’t want to fight with Vanraj, but if children follow him and take a wrong path, she wouldn’t forgive herself; they should tech children to fight their problems and accept their mistakes, but Vanraj is teaching them to run away from problems and not accept their mistake; if they fail to fulfill dear one’s responsibility, its guilt would be there for whole life. Anuj says who else can understand it than him. She apologizes and says Mr Shah is not understanding this or maybe she is not understanding him; sometimes, she feels Mr Shah has changed and sometimes he behaves his old self. Anuj says she shouldn’t change though and prove that she never accepts defeat. He further says whenever she feels like she doesn’t want to lecture that day and wants to listen instead, she can contact him anytime. She asks if he is joking on her. He says a bit and asks if she felt bad. She says she doesn’t these days and leaves nervously to give Mukku’s medicine.

Vanraj tells Malvika that just like people hide under a shelter from rain, he is hiding under his job from personal life and is focusing on their project; he was wrong that he changed himself, but forgot that he cannot change his past and people judge him over his past and even if he sacrifices his life, they think he is same old Vanraj Shah; since when people will make him realize his mistakes, he feels alone whether he is at home or outside. Malvika wipes his crocodile tears and says tears don’t look good on a macho face, they both are akele/lonely and dukele/sad. He smiles and then holding her hand asks if she trusts him. She reciprocates and says of course Raj. He says thank you Malvika. She says her dear ones call her Mukku. Anu brings medicine for Malvika and stands shocked noticing that. Vanraj and Malvika get alert hearing her phone bell, Malvika asks her to come in. Anu offers her medicine. Vanraj offers her water. Malvika consumes medicine thanking them. Anu says she needs to attend a therapy session. Malvika says next week. Vanraj says he will take her to therapy and will remind her medicine and therapy time as Anu is busy at work. Malvika says there is a point in it as she is with Raj all the time. Anu says let it be, she will handle Mukku. Vanraj says she should focus on work instead. Mukku says Raj doesn’t forget anything. Vanraj says he neither forgets nor lets anyone forget.

Kinjal feeds Samar and asks if his anger is calm now. Samar says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Kinjal says he can as he has many to listen to him here, but Nandini has no one. Samar says Nandini has her Kavya maasi with her. Kinjal asks why he has become so senseless, his IQ was much higher than whole locality boys. He is still. She says he is making a mistake. Anuj warns Vanraj not to do that. Vanraj asks what is he doing. She says they both know what he is up to and warns him to concentrate on his family and children instead. He asks her to leave as he needs to work and more importantly handle Mukku, children have their mother to handle them. Kinjal tells Samar that Nandini supported Kavya like he supported mummy against papa, he should go and console Nandini. Samar asks how can he have a relationship with Nandini who insulted mummy. Kinjal says in that sense she should leave Toshu for insulting mummy; mummy says a heart is a person’s biggest jewel and when a heart makes any relationship, its a pure gold and they polish gold often to maintain its sheen; he is mummy’s shadow, but is behaving like papa; he should visit Nandini and try to speak to her at least; they get love with great difficulty and shouldn’t lose it. Samar remembers Anu’s similar words.

Anu calls Kinjal and asks if Samar had something, she will call her back. She thinks she is worried for Samar and Nandini on one side and Mukku on the other side; Mr Shah is manipulating Mukku and if he betrays her, she won’t be able to handle herself; she will not let him manipulate this time. Mukku with Anuj rushes to her and drops coffee on her hand. Mukku asks if its burning. Anu says it burnt once, but one should not forget a lesson; she will always protect her. Mukku says its a 2.5/dhai kilo dialogue. Anuj applies ice to Anu’s hand. Mukku says Raj invited them for Sankranti festival celebration and is excited to fly a kite. Anu gets lost in thoughts wile Anu applies ice to her hand. He asks where is she lost. She says yes. He says she is world’s most beautiful girl. She says yes. He continues his romantic talk. She continues saying yes. He alerts her and asks if he should hold thread chakri while she flies kite tomorrow. She says yes and she will also hold chakri when he flies kite. He thinks she is tensed regarding Samar.

Precap: Anuj recites a shayari describing Anu’s beauty. Pakhi announces that Vanraj is sending her to US for further studies.
Anu says she will not. Vanraj says when she can say no before asking him, why he shouldn’t say yes without asking her. Anu says because she is still these children’s mother. He says even he is still these children’s father.

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