Anupama 20th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Start Of Anupama And Anuj’s Prewedding Rituals

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Anupama 20th April 2022 Written Episode

Samar asks Anupama to sign on the papers. Anupama asks what is it. Samar says its a passport application as she may have to attend international shows. She recalls her first passport incident. Samar excitedly asks if she had a passport and jokes if she needed a passport to visit grandma/naani’s house. Anupama says to visit America. Samar excitedly asks why didn’t she go and where is her passport now. She says like her dreams expired, even her passport expired. Samar says like her new dream, even she will get her new passport. She says one needs to recall old memories. Samar excitedly says let us start her pre-wedding rituals.

Dolly and Kinjal make shagun arrangement. Anupama checks. Kinjal says they did according to what they learnt from her and ask Anu if they arranged it right. Samar says they already performed shagun ritual, then why again today. Kinjal says Hasmukh told it was just a start of pre-wedding rituals and wedding was fixed casually. Hasmukh says according to Gujrati tradition, wedding will start only after this ritual; in this ritual, girl’s father and family will visit boy’s house, perform his tilak, and give him shagun to fix wedding finally. Samar says that means wedding ritual will kick start with full speed. Anu shies.

Leela feels irritated seeing their happiness and calls her mother. Bapuji chants Bolo Krishna Kanhaiya Lal Ki Jai and tells everyone they can leave now. Dolly informs Anupama that Sanjay has an important meeting tomorrow and cannot attend prewedding rituals. Anupama says she understands the demand of job, even Bhavesh didn’t get leave from his job. Leela taunts that the first ritual needs 4 men, they are only 3, so it will be incomplete without Sanjay or Bhavesh. Hasmuk and his team stand stunned. Leela says they cannot ask any stranger to perform the ritual. Samar says 4th man would be Kanhaji. Leela says Kanhaji’s blessings will be with them always, they need 4 men for the ritual. Vanraj passes by and seeing shagun items recalls his first pre-wedding ritual. He thinks he knew this would happen, then why he is feleing bad; if everyone feel jealous when his/her ex moves on, etc.

Anuj prepares snacks for Shahs. Devika records his video to post it on social media and teases him. Anuj says he needs to hurry as his family is coming. Devika says in-laws. He says when Anupama considers his family as hers, then why can’t he consider her family as his. He says since Anupama doesn’t have any mother-in-law, she should show mother-in-law attitude to Anupama or else Anupama will spoil. Devika says Anupama and Anuj can never spoil and praises that every daughter should be like Anupama and son should be like Anuj. Anuj says every friend should be like Devika and hugs her tightly.

Leela asks Shahs not to stare at her son as he will not attend the rituals with them. Hasmukh tongue lashes her for interfering and ruining their happiness. Leela argues with him. Anupama stops them and says they can perform ritual with 3 of them and JK. Leela says JK is from groom’s side and taunts ritual will be spoilt with only 3 men. Anupama gives Hasmukh’s medicine to Samar, asks Pakhi not to have too much fried food, Kinjal to take care of herself, etc. Hasmukh says a mother is always a mother and sadly says her ritual will be incomplete. Annu says its okay, happiness shouldn’t be incomplete though. Paritosh joins them and stuns everyone. Hasmukh taunts Leela that Kanhaji sent 4th man. Leela and Vanraj stand frowning.

Anuj gets ready for prewedding ritual and sprays deo excessively. Malvika and Devika tease him, They then suggest him to to talk with Anupama’s family today or else he will not get time again. Anuj stands nervous. Shahs walk in. Mamaji jokes they entered a perfume factory by mistake. Malvika and Devika point at Anuj. GK welcomes them. Anuj welcomes Pakhi and stands stunned seeing Paritosh. Malvika recalls Toshu’s misbehavior and her kicking him out of job. Anuj thanks him for coming and waits for Anupama. Hasmukh says girl doesn’t attend this ritual. Anuj gets worried for Anupama sensing she is alone with Leela and Vanraj at Shah house.

Anupama serves tea to Leela. Leela starts spilling venom again. Anupama warns her not to curse her again or else she will not be quiet. Baa frowns. Devika video calls Anupama and says her bride is not starting the ritual without her, sos he should just stay on the call and watch the ritual. Anuj and Anupama shyingly greet each other. Kinjal and others pull their legs. Anuj asks how the ritual is performed. Bapuji pulls his legs next. Anuj gets tensed. Dolly says he has to bear all this if he wants to marry. Anupama signals Anuj to stay calm. Anuj says he is ready for all the rituals.

Precap: Malvika and Devika dance around Anuj on Mujhse Shadi Karogi.. song. Vanraj gets jealous seeing Pakhi and Toshu performing rituals on Anuj. Hasmukh’s gets a heart attack.

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