Anupama 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Kinjal Lashes Out at Shahs

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Anupama 1st October 2022 Written Episode

Kinjal warns Toshu to dare not touch her and pushes him away. Rakhi and others rush in and ask if Toshu troubled her. Toshu says he didn’t do anything. Anupama teaches Little Anu to byheart a poem with singing. Anuj asks Anupama according to Ganeshji’s story, when parents can be a child’s world, why can’t a child be parent’s world; they should live for themselves also now. Kinjal calls Anupama. Kinjal sits on Leela’s swing. Family woriedly asks if she is fine. Kinjal asks how can she be fine with Toshu’s presence. Rakhi scolds Toshu. Toshu asks not to scold him repeatedly for a same mistake. Kinjal says she stayed at Anupama’s house as she needed some time for herself, but Vanraj, Leela, Toshu repeatedly pressurized her to return home and expect that she get normal within a day after being cheated; they are expecting her to dance with them during festival and behave normal, which is impossible for her so soon; she already had cleared Toshu that she is returning home as a family’s daughter and not his wife, he left her alone during pregnancy and is trying to pressurizing her now in lieu of Pari, why don’t he leave her alone.

Anupama enters and says she told them not to pressurize Kinjal. Kinjal runs and hugs he emotionally. Rakhi feels disheartened thinking a child rushes to his/her mother in pain, but her daughter rushes to her waste body husband’s mother; its okay as Anupama comforts Kinjal at least. Leela and Vanraj say they didn’t pressurize Kinjal. Kavya says Toshu must have done something. Toshu says he was trying to pacify Kinjal, at least he has that right on Kinjal. Anupama asks why he has only rights on everyone and not responsibility. Toshu yells at Anupama not to set fire in his life again. Kinjal warns him to shut his nonsense up; she came here as she didn’t want to be a burden on Anupama, didn’t want to hinder her responsibilities towards Little Anu and Anuj, didnt’ want Barkha and Ankush to taunt her, didn’t want Leela to yell at her repeatedly, etc., and not because she wants to return to Toshu. Leela says then she should live peacefully here. Kinjal asks why don’t Toshu live her peacefully then. Toshu says he was trying to pacify her. Kinjal says he was trying to get intimate with him. Toshu says she is acting as if..

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Vanraj asks Kinjal to clearly say what she wants. Anupama repeats same. Kinjal says she called her here to inform her decision. She has taken a sole decision without anyone’s interference and hence nobody should blame Anupama for that. She says she needs divorce from Toshu. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Toshu shouts. Kinjal warns him not to shout. Leela curses Anupama for destroying her own and then her son’s lives like a witch. Kinjal warns her to stop abusing Anupama and says Leela’s son and grandson destroyed her house and not Anupama. Rakhi says she supports her decision. Leela yells at Kinjal to shut up. Kinjal asks why shall she shut her mouth, Anupama tolerated abuse for 25 years and when she spoke, she became bad; she will not wait for 25 years to be called bad and will become right now by divorcinng Toshu. Toshu pleads her not to do that.

Kinjal says she will neither go to Anupama nor Rakhi’s house and will stay here as its her daughter’s house, will rejoin a job and take care of her and her daughter’s expenses, and will repay Shah’s debt slowly. Toshu pleads her not to leave him as he will die without her and Pari. Kinjal warns him to stop his nonsense, he repeatedly does mistakes and then apologizes; how can she expect from a man to take care of her daughter who was a cheater and called his unborn baby as inauspicious; he couldn’t become a good son, husband, or father and like Rakhi said, he is a waste body who couldn’t even find a job and used it as an excuse for his treachery. Kavya asks her to calm down. Kinjal says calm down my foot. Toshu says its getting overboard. Kinjal asks so what, she will file a divorce on the basis of adultery and betrayal of trust and will show his true face to the world so that he doesn’t ruin any other girl’s life; she will not only accuse him but also prove her points using her mummy’s sources.

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Leela shouts will she ruin her family’s reputation. Leela says until such husbands are not dragged to court, other husbands will not learn a lesson. Vanraj says its okay if she doesn’t want to stay with Toshu, why she wants to file a case. Kinjal reminds him that he promised to support her. Leela says they didn’t know that she would destroy their family’s reputation. Kinjal says her grandson will not learn a lesson without that. Vanraj says she should calm down and reconsider her decision. Kavya backs Vanraj. Kinjal reminds that Kavya also had called police at a resort. Leela says that is none of her business. Hasmukh warns everyone to shut up and says only one who is wronged has a right to punish, Kinjal will decide Toshu’s punishment; he doesn’t want family’s issue to be out, but will support Kinjal’s decision; they will end this issue right now.

Toshu shouts that his family wants to destroy him, but they will not get anything from it. Anupama warns him to have some shame. Toshu says he learnt shamelessness from her. Kinjal warns Toshu to dare not think her as helpless and thanks him to make her realize that she is alive. Leela murmurs that they called Kinjal as lttiel Anupama, but she overshadowed Anupama in destroying their house. Kinjal tells Anupama that she saw her journey and would gain confidence from her support and requests her to be with her. Anupama says she will always support her even without request. Kinjal touches her feet and takes her blessings. Anupama hugs her emotionally. Kinjal rocks today.

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Precap: Toshu threatens Anupama that she burnt his house and now its her turn to burn in the same fire. Orphanage people come to take back Little Anu. Anupama warns Toshu not to cross his limits or else she will forget that he is her son.

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