Anupama 1st March 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj Hides Truth From Anupama

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Anupama 1st March 2023 Written Episode

Anuj asks Anupama if Vanraj said that. Anupama says yes, she gave him a befitting reply; she doesn’t want to get angry and scold someone, but Vanraj intimidates her to do so. Anuj says they shouldn’t bother about people’s opinion until they know that they are right, he knows his Anupama and it doesn’t affect her. Anupama says even it didn’t affect her, but she got angry as Mr Shah values only himself. She talks about the value of marriage and with loyalty in marriage being one among 16 qualities in a person. She says she just wants to stay away from Vanraj and just goes to Shah house for her children. She lies on his shoulder and says she feels good now as they had promised each other not to hide anything from each other. Anuj feels guilty recalling hiding picnic night incident on Maaya’s insistence. Anupama asks Anuj what he wanted to say. Anuj recalls the whole incident again.

Maaya feels good recalling Anuj protecting her from her husband Sampath and thinks she never thought that she would fall in love again; the way Anuj stood stand for her and let her stay for 1 month more, she is sure he also likes her and understood that only she can give time to Little Anu and not Anupama. She gets a call. Anupama asks Anuj what is bothering her so much. Anuj says sorry for not taking her along for picnic. Anupama says its something else. Anuj nervously says this is the only issue, he is feeling guilty since yesterday. He gets office call and picks it. Anupama signals she will serve food and walks away. Anuj thinks he knows he is not wrong and fears if Anupama doesn’t understand him, he loves her immensely and wants to protect her.

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