Anupama 1st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj’s Stern Reply To Maaya

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Anupama 1st June 2023 Written Episode

Anuj asks Barkha how did she find out what happened with him 1 month ago. Barkha anxiously stammers. Anuj asks if Maaya informed her. Maaya says she didn’t. Hasmukh asks what had happened. Anuj describes whole story and repeatedly questions Barkha angrily. Kinjal says when they were waiting for Anuj for hours, why didn’t Barkha inform them. Barkha says even Vanraj knew about it. Vanraj stands silent. Anupama confronts Vanraj and says his silence reveals he knew about it; he had come to her mother’s house not to participate in her happiness but to watch her drama; she was eagerly waiting for Anuj, but Vanraj didn’t inform her that Anuj is stuck with Maaya in a hospital, etc. Vanraj warns her to stop shouting at him, he didn’t inform her as she wouldn’t believe him and believes only her husband, Anuj should have informed her first. He asks why is Anuj staying with Maaya leaving his wife instead of sending Maaya to mental assylum, it proves that Anuj wants to stay with Maaya.

Anuj says he didn’t betray Anupama and Anupama knows that, he doesn’t have to explain anyone here. He tells Maaya that he promised to take care of her, but never gave her right to become his wife and she will never get that right as that right belongs to only Anupama.

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