Anupama 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Toshu Praises Samar

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Anupama 1st June 2022 Written Episode

Anupama and Anuj continue to chat with a little girl Anu. Anu asks them to pray Kanhaji to send her mummy papa soon and build pressure on him. Anuj says they definitely will pray Kanhaji. Anu asks how will they feel when mummy papa arrive. Anu asks her to stop so many questions. Anu says Abhay uncle says people become friends when we question them. Abhay meets Anuj and asks him to introduce bhabiji to him. Anuj introduces Anupama to him. Abhay says even the little girl is Anu and thanks Anuj for supporting his orphanage.

Samar teaches dance online to his students and wraps up the class. Toshu asks him to teach that step to him. Toshu dances. Samar asks if he learnt dance hiding from mummy. Toshy says he got mummy’s dance and papa’s swag in his genes. He hugs Samar emotionally and says he is proud of you, the team they considered a loser actually turned out to be winner.

Anuj tells Anu that she deserves prize for such a nice dance. Anupama backs him. Anu looks at Abhay and says she likes beaches. Anuj agrees to take her to the beach. She rejoices.

He asks how does he manage both work and home so effortlessly. Samar gets emotional and hugs him. Toshu seeks his laptop to search a job and says they both need to manage now. Samar says, house, family, papa… then says Mr Shah is acting as emotionally upset, but he doesn’t bother what Mr Shah does. He walks away excusing himself. Vanraj hears their conversation. Toshu congratulates Vanraj that his second son is also on his side and assures him that he need not worry as his both sons will manage everything.

Anuj expresses his anger towards people rejecting girl child and performing female feticide while they pray female gods. Abhay says sadly 2-3 girls don’t have parents and rest are disowned by their families, each month some or the other baby girl is left on the orphanage door. He says even Anu was left here when she was a few days ago, she is a brilliant kid who has lots of dreams. Anupama says the happiness won’t stay long due to the harshness of the society and hence some family needs to adopt them, etc.

Abhay tells Anuj and Anupama that along with basic needs, children also need something else. Anuj says they need love and feeling of dearness and only parents can give them. Abhay says everyone should take at least one girl’s responsibility. Anupama says childless couple visit religious places, but don’t visit orphanage. Anuj says people are obsessed with biological children and if they change their mindset and adopt a child, a lot can change. Anupama says childless couple when they realize the cannot conceive, they should adopt the child. They both continue discussing about normalizing adoption.

Kinjal happily speaks to her unborn baby and waits for its arrival. Toshu smiles seeing that. Kinjal slips and falls. Toshu in shock calls her name. Kinjal panics. Toshu comforts her and assures her that everything is normal.

Anuj offers a money cheque to Abhay on his and Anupama’s behalf and shows a girl’s bracelet. Abhay says it’s Anu’s bracelet. Anupama says she will return it to Anu. Anuj expresses his desire to take Anu for a beach visit. Abhay says its his ashram and he sets rules here, so Anuj can take Anu and bring her on time. Anuj excitedly thanks him. Anupama and Anuj continue to discuss about spreading happiness among the orphan kids. Anu walks to them ready and her slipper slips. Anuj fixes it in her foot and recalls doing same with Anupama during the first visit after 25 years.

Anuj and Anupama take Anu to a beach. Anu writes their names on the sand and asks which one is her and Anupama’s name. Anu says the one with big letters is Anupama’ss and small one is Anu’s. Wave washes off name. Anu gets sad. Anuj explains her in a poetic way to write it far from water. She asks if he is a poet. Anuj asks how does she know. She says he can directly tell to write it far from water instead of giving long speech. Anuj laughs and says there is something special in Anu name. They both continue to spend quality time with Anu.

Precap: Barkha notices Anupama checking price tags of groceries in a supermarket and asks her to stop behaving like middle class woman as she is Kapadia now. Anupama asks if it will make the food more tastier.
Cashier asks 40 rs extra for the bag. Anupama takes out back from her purse.
Barka asks her not to show her middle class mentality everywhere. Anu says this mentality maintains a balance in life.

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