Anupama 1st February 2022 Written Episode Update: Bapuji Discusses About Anupama and Anuj’s Marriage

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Anupama 1st February 2022 Written Episode

Vanraj is surprised to see Bapuji on Baa’s swing and questions him. Bapuji says whe his mind is not stable, it wanders. Vanraj asks if there is any problem. Bapuji says he is the problem and asks him to sit; says when he was small, he had issues of electric bills, house expenses, kids’ education, etc., but since he got married, only he is a problem. Vanraj asks him to be specific. Bapuji says he wants to say a lot, but when he couldn’t understand earlier, what will he understand now; asks why Malvika was discussing about opening restaurants in Mumbai without completing the projects here. Vanraj says work has just started here. Bapuji asks then why is he going to Mumbai. Vanraj says Mukku wants to open restaurants in Mumbai and as he knows investor’s words are final. Bapuji asks since when he started listening to others, whoever has invested, he does what he wants like he is doing even this time. Vanraj says whatever he is think is not true. Bapuji it would be better, he should just concentrate on work ethically and is not an immature to not understand his untold words. Vanraj thinks Bapuji is talking about Mukku, he is not interested in Mukku and is just focused on his goal, Mukku is just a pawn for him, Kavya and Anupama must have provoked Bapuji to say this.

Anu walks to Anuj’s room to speak to him and seeing him asleep thinks of talking to him tomorrow. She calls Bapuji and apologizes for disturbing him at this time. Bapuji asks if everything is alright there. She thinks its not, but she doesn’t want to discuss it with him; says she just wanted to talk to him. Bapuji thinks he knows even she is tensed regarding Vanraj and Malvika’s growing proximity; says its good she called as even he wanted to talk to her. Anu asks if everything is alright here. Bapuji says not completely alright, but hopes it will soon. Anu says if not, they will make it right. Bapuji says she need not worry until her father is there and says he will keep the phone now or else Leela will wake up, thinks he understands her even if she doesn’t speak and prays god to protect her new life.

Next morning, Anu sees Anuj silent and asks if he is angry. He says yes. She asks for not informing about her and Mukku’s conversation. He says even he hid many things from her, so its okay. She says Mukku didn’t get out of her room since last night, so they should speak to her once she comes out. Malvika walks out with a backpack. Anuj gets tensed and asks where is she going. She says relax guys, she is not running way from home, they both are going to Mumbai to check a site for new restaurant. Anuj asks both means she and Vanraj. She jokes and says he should chill as they will return by evening. Vanraj rings bell and walks in. Malvika says she used to say since childhood that her Raj will come, at last he came. Vanraj says cab is waiting. Malvika leaves. Vanraj grinning at Anuj and Anupama greets them bye and closes door. Anuj says this is not done, they need to stop this; even they had visited Mumbai, but Vanraj is not like Anuj and Malvika not like Anu. She asks him to calm down. Anuj says he cannot let the evil manipulate his sister; Mukku doesn’t trust anyone easily, but when she does, she does completely; he doesn’t trust Vanraj. Anu says Mukku must have met many people like Vanraj before and knows to handle them. Anuj says Vanraj knows to hide his evilness and manipulate people easily, he cannot let Vanraj manipulate Mukku. Anu says what if Malvika had lied that she is going on a meeting and left, she herself informed yesterday and even today, so instead of getting angry, they should think well and act. He says its difficult. She says he is with him always in every difficult situation.

In cab, Vanraj asks Malvika if her bhratashri/brother or Anu said something regarding her Mumbai trip. She says why would they, she usually runs away uninformed and today she informed, so they are not surprised. He says they will be surprised a lot soon, pauses and then says, seeing their success. She says exactly, Vanika rocks.

Bapuji tells Baa that every relationship has its limits and shouldn’t be crossed, he thinks of discussing with Anu and Anuj about their marriage, Anu gained respect in Anuj’s house, but only a relationship which has a name will stay forever; so he will try to speak to them. Baa thinks if they are staying together, they should, but…

Anu notices Anuj tensed and asks Anuj if they can go out. Anuj asks in this situation. She describes Toshu and Samar’s childhood story and says he should stop worrying as issue cannot be solve by just sitting down and worrying, so he should move on and relax. He asks where is she taking him for a date. She nervously says she didn’t. He will only on a date, its decided that Anu will take Anuj on a date. After sometime, Anu gets ready and walks down. She calls Mukku and thinks she must be in flight. Anuj walks to her wearing funky youth casual clothes. She asks why did he get so much ready when they are not going on a date. He says even men want to look good. She asks what will people say. He says they think what is a classical lady doing with a funky man. Their nok jhok starts, and they laugh.

After finishing a business meeting, Vanraj asks Anu to accept the deal as its too good. Malvika looks skeptical. He says investors are ready and even project, so she should say yes; hopes she says yes. She says no, leaving him in shock.

Precap: Anuj slips and is about to fall from a cliff when Anu holds him and worriedly asks what if he had fallen down. He says nothing will happen until she is with him. Malvika informs Anuj that their Mumbai project will start soon, so she and Vanraj will shift to Mumbai inn a week. Anuj orders her to end her partnership with Vanraj.

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