Anupama 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Leela Supports Anupama

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Anupama 1st December 2020 Written Episode

Vanraj continues brainwashing Baa saying he tried to handle his relationship with Anupama for 17 years by coronary heart and was following his marriage ceremony until now; she and Bapuji perceive one another properly, however he and Anupama don’t and he was feeling suffocated on this relationship. He says no matter he did was improper and his loneliness made him do this and the explanation behind is Anupama. On the opposite facet, Anu tells Bapuji that he did improper along with her, however adopted all different relationships faithfully, so he shouldn’t punish him for betraying only one relationship; her happiness is with entire household; he supported his bahu whereas no person on the planet does, she is grateful to him and Baa for that, he ought to consider household additionally. Vanraj continues that Anuama didn’t attempt to improve herself and match his stage was simply busy caring for household and his dad and mom, wasn’t there any responsibility in the direction of him, he additionally adopted his duties faithfully, he did a mistake that he discovered his happiness in Kavya and shared the ache he obtained from Anupama with Kavya, so he isn’t ashamed of his extramarital affair. Bapuji asks Anu to get him a cup of tea. Vanraj says he made a mistake, however didn’t Anupama make a mistake. Baa says no matter he says, they cann’t deny the reality that Anuapma sacrificed her 25 years for this household; she works exhausting since 25 years, she will swing on swinger fortunately due to Anupama, he may progress in work due to Anupama’s help; he can not justify his extramarital relationship for that; his age is of sharing his youngsters’s marriage ceremony playing cards and never his private playing cards; he ought to settle for his mistake and mend his methods; he can not separate from household for an outsider. Kavya panics remembering Anirudh’s phrases and thinks she can not keep with out Vanraj. Baa continues that he and Anupama are dad and mom of three youngsters and its their responsibility to maintain youngsters collectively. He asks what after youngsters calm down, will his youngsters and sister give him identical respect they used to earlier than, Anupama ruined every little thing. Baa asks why is he blaming Anupama repeatedly. He says she is a lady and her tears are seen by everybody, however not a person’s ordeal.

Anupama cries in kitchen pondering why is that this taking place, what did Baa Bapuji and her youngsters do to anybody, she ought to be punished and never her household. She serves him tea and asks to drink fastidiously as its sizzling. Bapuji says when coronary heart is burning, he doesn’t care about sizzling tea. Vanraj continues that this injustice is continuous since generations and at all times girl is sympathized and this isn’t proper. Baa asks to not give her lecture like bahu; he goes out, meets purchasers, and spends time exterior, however Bahu didn’t get out of home since 25 years; he may use his freedom due to Anupama; if he had felt good if Anu had gone out like him, Baa would have cooked in kitchen and Anu would have gone partying like Rakhi and grow to be heroine like her good friend; Anu at all times saved her household in entrance of her needs; they didn’t let Anu research additional, else when Anu can grow to be instructor after simply finding out a bit, can educate dance, and be taught automotive driving in 1 day, she will even surpass Kavya and grow to be extra profitable than Kavya; they have been the hindrance; she simply needs him to simply accept his mistake and break all his relationship with Kavya, he ought to kick her off work and get him out of his life. She retains his hand on her head and asks him to vow tht he’ll break all his ties with Kavya. Kavya calls him simply then. Baa notices that and asks will he obey his mom or not.

Ann returns to kitchen crying. Baa walks in and apologizing her requests if she will forgive Vanraj for his sins, she can not see her home shatter, Anu can maintain the household collectively if she needs, she spoke to Vanraj and he is able to depart Kavya. She reminisces Vanraj asking if he’ll get the respect like earlier than, will Anupama agree. Baa asks what if she agrees. Vanraj says she ought to persuade Anu and he’s positive she won’t. Baa continues that Vanraj won’t break his mom’s promise and can mend his methods, solely Anu can maintain the household collectively, what is going to she do when she might be alone after youngsters calm down. Anu reminisces Vanraj’s betrayal and says she will sacrifice for her, however can not forgive Vanraj. Baa asks her to strive a minimum of for her remaining life. Anu reminisces Vanraj romancing Kavya on her personal mattress and says its a query of only a second and never entire life, she can not forgive a person who betrayed his spouse on their mattress, she can not overlook that second, so she can not forgive him. Vanraj walks together with his bag and says he advised Baa that Anu won’t agree as she is the proprietor of this home. Baa follows Vanraj and requests him to not go. Vanraj says everybody are upset on this home and don’t wish to see his face, so he’s leaving this home to stick with Kavya and after authorized formalities he’ll marry Kavya. Anu stops him and asks if he’s speaking about divorce. He says sure. She reminisces his betrayal once more and, apologizing Baa and Bapuji for revealing what’s in her coronary heart, asks Vanraj to ship divorce papers and she’s going to signal them; says relationship is on paper for him, however for her its in coronary heart and when she already divorced him by coronary heart, signing on papers doesn’t matter.

Precap: Anu tells Vanraj that she is offended for the improper he did and thanks for his help in the direction of household until now. Vanraj says Bapuji gave her home, however how will she run the home with out him.

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