Anupama 1st April 2023 Written Episode Update: Shahs Apologize Anupama

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Anupama 1st April 2023 Written Episode

Anupama picks a pen to write down what is in her heart. She recalls all the recent incidents and is unable to scribble anything. Shah family visits her. She breaks down hugging Hasmukh. Leela gives her navratri prasad. Anuupama pampers Pari. Pakhi ties a holi protective thread around her wrist. Kanta looks angrily at Shahs. Hasmukh recalls Kanta’s confrontation and says he was worried for his daughter and hence came to meet her. Vanraj says Kanta spoke a bitter truth. They all apologize her for each of their mistake and ruining her life with their interference. Leela says she hurt Anupama the most and repeated her mistakes. Anupama asks what is she saying. Kanta says Leela is right, Shahs ruined Anupama and Anuj’s best jodi with their interference, they all should promise not to interfere in her life again. Shahs promise her. Vanraj says he spoke a lot against Anuj out of jealousy, but now realized his mistake. Pakhi cries hugging Anupama and says she will stay with her here.

Leela says she should come and stay at Shah house as she is related to them since 27 years. Kanta warns her. Leela says Anupama shouldn’t come there. Kavya comforts Anupama and says Anuj will return for sure. Samar asks her not to lose hope. Anupama says first her heart broke, then her courage and hope; she just prays that Anuj is fine wherever he is. Vanraj apologizes Anupama with folded hands. Kanta asks them to stop repeating their apologies and talk something new. Hasmukh requests her to calm down. Vanraj apologizes for whatever he said in a temple and promises to truly help her if needed. Pakhi thinks Vanraj is trying to misuse a situation. Vanraj says he knows Anupama will not turn back, but he will wait for her call. Leela asks her to control herself, she’s good and shouldn’t consider everyone as good. Kanta thinks especially Leela. Everyone hugs and bless her anw walk away.

Khali Haath Shaam Aayi Hai.. song plays int the background. Anupama starts writing on a diary again. Anuj also scribbles in a book. Maaya thinks he is writing a poet and thanks god that he is getting back to normal. Anupama imagines Anuj and Anuj imagines Anupama. Anupama then breaks pen niband breaks down. Anuj also breaks down. After some time, Anupama attends temple with Kanta. Kanta tells her that Devika and Dheeraj called her repeatedly and invited them for a movie. Neighbors discuss that Anupama is seen after a long time. Kanta warns them to mind their business and have prasad. Another says she heard Anuj left her, there is something wrong with Anupama that her 2 marries are broken. Kanta tongue lashes them to stop badmouthing about a mother standing in a maata/mother’s darbar and bother about their family instead of peeping in other’s lives, etc. Neighbor says they never knew even she can speak. Kanta says a mother can fight for her children like a tigress and protect her children. She holds Anupama’s hand and walks from there. Samar calls her and informs that Anuj is in Mumbai at Maaya’s house.

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Precap: Kanta reaches Maaya’s house to meet Anuj. Anupama eagerly hopes that Kanta brings Anuj back. Anuj asks Kanta to tell Anupama that his chapter is closed in her life.

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