Anupama 19th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kinjal Suffers A Panic Attack

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Anupama 19th September 2022 Written Episode

Anuj comforts Anupama. Anupama asks if she did wrong. Anuj says she did right and it was important to speak openly in front of the family and explains how a wife hides domestic abuse by her husband in front of her in-laws and when in-laws domestically abuse DIL, she hides it, etc.; its wrong to hide the mental and physical abuse and she did right by exposing Toshu’s sin and made the learn a lesson from it. Anupama asks if he and Little Anu had food, she will bring his medicine and milk for Little Anu. Anuj asks her not to bother about them and calm down.

Hasmukh notices Leela venting out her anger on a dry fruit and asks what is she doing. Leela says she is venting out her anger on a dry fruit as she cannot slap Anupama for breaking her son’s family. Hasmukh reminds that even they had slapped and kicked Vanraj out of the house when he did similar mistakes, similarly even Anupama and Vanraj have right to punish their son. Leela continues yelling and venting out her frustration on a fruit. Anupama serves medicine to Anuj. Anuj feels headache. Vanraj walks to them and says they can go home and rest as Little Anu is asking why everyone are sad and Ankush, Barkha, Adhik are sitting aside silently. Anuj says he and Little Anu will go and asks Anupama to stay back. Anupama superficially denies to stay back recalling doctor’s warning not to let Anuj alone. Vanraj says he will send Samar to help Anuj and GK. Anuj asks Anupama not to worry about them. Anupama easily agrees and goes to check on Little Anu.

Anuj tells Vanraj that he didn’t speak to Leela when she cursed Anupama and asks him to explain Leela that he will not her humiliating and cursing Anupama again. He says he is leaving Anupama here for Kinjal and her baby and not for Leela to vent out her frustration.
Vanraj assures that he will explain Leela. Anupama informs Little Anu that she is staying back for Kinjal and her baby and asks her to take care of herself and Anuj till she returns. Hasmukh walks to her. Anupama describes her ordeal that she is tired of tolerating Toshu’s mistakes, Leela’s curses and humiliations, etc., and is unable to concentrate on her husband and daughter, etc. Hasmukh says its a story of every woman; with growing age, women’s relationships grow and she has to follow all the relationships gracefully. He explains each task in detail and describes how her family men dump all the work and frustration her. He suggests her not to hide her ordeal and furustraotin within and vent it out with tears.

Kinjal looks at her and Aryan’s pics and thinks she thought her life is perfect, but her happiness disappeared instantly and the promises by Toshu were lie. She gets a panic attack. Kavya tries to calm her down and when she fails, she rushes to Anupama and informs her about Kinjal’s condition. Anupama asks Kavya to take Aryan out and tries to comfort Kinjal. Kinjal asks if Toshu didn’t think about them even once, how will she and her daughter live now, she made mistake by loving Toshu, love is a myth or else Toshu wouldn’t have betrayed her. Anupama hugs her and comforts her. Kavya informs Vanraj and others about Kinjal’s condition. Vanraj says its good that Anupama stayed back, only she can handle Kinjal.

Anupama tells Kinjal that the next path is very tough, she as a mother cannot accept defeat and move on continuously without breaking down. Kinjal falls asleep. Anupama walks out. Vanraj asks if Kinjal is fine. Anupama says she made Kinjal asleep now, don’t know how she will react later. She takes Arya and says both Arya and her mother have to learn to handle themselves now; its very difficult for them, but they can as they both have each other. Vanraj feels sad and tells Kavya that he wanted Toshu to be a better version of him and not adapt his wrong habits, but Toshu stooped too low. He blames himself and says he didn’t teach all this to his son. Kavya feels guilty and says she can imagine Anupama going through the same because of their infidelity. Anupama sings a lullaby for Arya and Kinjal and recalls her similar condition when Vanraj betrayed her.

Precap: Pakhi blames Anupama for breaking Toshu’s house. Anupama warns her that she didn’t let wrong happen to her and will not let wrong happen to Kinjal, she can’t help if Pakhi is having problem with it, its her life and her rules. Anuj encourages Anupama to be courageous and have hope in god.

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