Anupama 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Rohan Challenges Samar

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Anupama 19th October 2021 Written Episode

Anu serves jalebi fafda to family. Pakhi asks why jalebi fafda again. Baa says its Gujratri people’s favorite food. Anu says one who doesn’t know Gujratis well thinks only jalebi, fafda, and dhokla is Gujrat. Mamaji asks if there is something else. Bapuji says one who establishes business from scratch is Gujrati, Kavya says one who knows stock market more than his shop is Gujrati, Anu says one who increases nation’s respect in the whole world is Gujrati, Kinjal says one who does perfect dandiya dance at 90 years is Gujrati, Baa says one who celebrates navratri festival is Gujrati. Samar gets Rohan’s call. Anuj thanks god that Rohan is fine. Rohan asks Samar if his family didn’t file police complaint against him. Samar says they will and Rohan will be dragged to police station. Rohan says he is a fool to leave the iron rod which he hit him with there itself, he can file an attempt to murder case against him; he then challenges to attend his area’s dandiya function tonight. Samar says he just saw his anger and will face his whole family, especially his parents’ anger tonight. Shah family enjoys jalebi fafda and discusses about their area’s dandiya competition. Pakhi says this year’s price is 111111 (one lakh 11 thousand 111) rs and asks Baa and Bapuji to win the prize. Baa taunts there is nothing much left now in life. Kavya says even she and V can win, Toshu says he and Kinjal can, Mamaji jokes he and his loneliness can. Pakhi says they have prizes for best dressed couple, cute old and young couple and best child couple. Kavya says their family will win at least 2-3 prizes. Pakhi thanks god that papa will participate this time or else he never had time for mummy and never participated in any event.

Anuj suggests Samar not to exaggerate the issue, return home, and inform his parents what he did. Samar thinks he can handle the issue before Rohan comes in front of family, so let him meet Rohan and sort out issue. Anuj asks what is he thinking. Samar says he will inform his family everything, but before that Anuj has to attend his area’s dandiya function. Back at Shah house, Baa taunts that Anu cannot have a couple dandiya dance even this time. Anu says her interest is in only her family and not dance, anyways there must be someone to click pics and cheer them up. Anuj doesn’t agree and asks if he has seen what is written behind trucks on highway. Samar says keep safe distance. Anuj asks if they shouldn’t keep safe distance if its not written. Anuj says he wants to maintain distance from his house even if its not written. Samar insists Anuj to be with him when he faces Rohan. Anuj says his family’s support is with him already. Samar says he needs his moral support as he is well connected and can handle any unusual issue. Anuj agrees and says he will inform Anu to be alert beforehand as he doesn’t want her to be in trouble because of him. Samar asks him to just tell that he is coming. Anuj thinks if not by Rohan, there may be problem because of him. Back at home, Baa and Kavya insist to dance practice. Vanraj says he needs to visit police station with Samar and Nandini. Baa yells they need to visit police station on festival day. Anu says problems don’t come looking at festivals. Nandini apologizes that they are facing problems because of her. Vanraj asks where is Samar as they can go to police station only when Samar comes.

Samar returns home. Anu asks if he is fine and how is his friend. He says he is fine. Toshu says why didn’t he inform family before going. Vanraj says they should visit police station now. Samar says let us enjoy festival today and visit police station tomorrow. Vanraj says Samar is afraid to visit police station because of Kavya’s event. Baa says police is there to protect them. Vanraj says they will go tomorrow. Toshu says if Rohan comes, he will have to face them. Anu gets Anuj’s message that he is coming. Anuj arranges security at dandiya event and asks his aide to find out about Rohan’s background. GK asks him to select dress for tonight’s function or ask designer to send one. Anuj agrees and gets a lehanga gift for Anu. He imagines Anu asking if its for her and getting angry on him when he doesn’t give her gift. Hum Apme Kuch Hogaya.. song plays in the background. He dorns vein over her, then imagines her wearing the dress and showing it to him. He signals its nice. She signals he is mad. Out of imagination, he thinks he gets afraid seeing dreams as he will die with sorrows if they are not fulfilled and with happiness if they are fulfilled. He recites shayari.

Devika enters and asks if this beautiful dress is for her. He says is not for her. She asks if its for Anu, is he proposing her tonight. He says no, his company donates clothes to NGO each year and he doesn’t know why he ordered this special lehanga for Anu. She says she will give it to Anu and will not inform her that her would be boyfriend sent it. He gets angry and twists her ear. She says she was joking and says she will send Anu’s pics in this dress. He blushes and says he is also going there but for some important work. She asks if there is something else important than Anu in his life. He nods yes. She continues joking, gives him office file, takes lehanga and leaves saying she will give it to Anu and see him in the evening. Anuj thinks he is going there for Samar and should focus, then smiles thinking Anu will look beautiful in that dress.

Anu selects dress for herself, but Kinjal rejects them and says garba is Gujrat’s pride and mimics importance of lehanga. Anu asks her to go now. Devika enters and gifts her lehanga. Anu gets very happy and says she feels like wearing it right now. Devika asks her to wear it then. Anu picks lehanga and a note falls from packing. It flies and sticks in Vanraj’s shoes. Vanraj pikcs it and seeing Pakhi praising Anu’s lehnga reads note and stands frowning.

Precap: Anu tells Anuj that he didn’t know he is coming but will not let him go without celebrating. Anuj asks if he is sure about it. He says yes. Anu thinks Rohan will not dare to come here when family is around Samar and Nandini. Rohan attacks her from behind.

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