Anupama 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya Creates Drama In Cafe

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Anupama 19th July 2021 Written Episode

Anupama performs pooja before inaugurating her dance academy and Vanraj’s cafeteria. Bapuji says let us go in now. Sanjay says how can they go in before ribbon cutting. Rakhi asks if they invited someone for ribbon cutting. Samar says special guest. Anu says special than Shahrukh and kajal, Baa and Bapuji. Everyone clap for them while Kavya and Rakhi make weird faces. Baa asks why them when its Anu’s academy and Vanraj’s cafe. Anu says they are all hers. Mamaji jokes and makes Bapuji mimic SRK’s style. Baa and Bapuji then both cut the ribbon while everyone clpa. Sanjay says let us inaugurate cafe also. Kavya, Pakhi, and Sonu decorate the entry with rangoli while Baa and Bapuji cut ribbon and chant Krishna Kanhaiya Lala ki jai. Family enters with Dolly commenting she never saw a homely feeling cafe. Rakhi taunts Toshu that his image will shatter when his friends find out that his papa sells sandwich, image is most important in corporate ladder and before Kinjal leaves her job and becomes a waitress her, he should get out of this place soon.

Anu lights temple lamp and thumbs up Vanraj. Bhavesh offers Vanraj his mother’s prepared pickles and masalas for his cafe. Vanraj thanks them and says he did so wrong with them, even then they thought goof for him, they are like Anu. Anu’s mother says she is not but is trying to be like Anu, she was angry on Vanraj before but seeing Anu’s progress, she is not now. He thanks them again for pickle and masala. Bapuji tells Baa that he feels good working back again because of Anu; its his father’s karkhana/factory and he took up a job when it wasn’t working well; like a father holds a son’s hand and guides him, he will guide his son now. Baa says even she will accompany him and is a working woman because of Anu who fulfilled her unimaginable dreams.

Rakhi congratulates Kavya and says she got a new job of helping her husband in cafe like cutting vegetables, cleaning table and dishes, and if she feels like dancing helping Anu in her dance academy. Kavya yells to keep her ideas to herself. Rakhi taunts her that history is repeating like earlier wife stayed at home and girlfriend took away husband, this time ex-wife will take away husband, so Kavya should concentrate on husband now. Kavya taunts to concentrate on her daughter first showing Kinjal working with Vanraj. Rakhi gets angry seeing that.

Anu walks to Pakhi and asks how is it. Pakhi says papa’s cafe is small but cute. Anu asks what about this dance class. Pakhi says okay. Anu asks her to practice her dance in academy as it is spacious and Samar fixed a good sound system here. Pakhi yells to don’t waste her precious time on her and walks away. Anu gets sad seeing her rude behavior. Nandini and Samar watch that and think of confronting Pakhi. They take Pakhi aside and ask her to behave with Anu instead of being rude with her and stop blindly trusting Kavya seeing her past record. Kavya asks Nandini why is she interfering between them. Nandini says she will be part of this family and has right to speak. Kavya hearing them yells at them to stop provoking Pakhi against her. Their argument starts. Anu interferes and asks them to stop fighting. Kavya continues shouting. Vanraj warns her to stop creating drama and go home. Kavya continues yelling. Baa warns her next. Kavya yells she is calling her inauspicious. A customer comes and walks back seeing the drama. Baa scolds Kavya again. Kavya yells and cries more loudly.

Anu to divert the issue acts as cafe’s first customer and orders masala chai. Family cheers up, and Vanraj offers her tea. She sips it and says it is tasty like home chai and offers him payment. He says he cannot take money from his first customer. She jokes if horse befriends gross, what will it eat and asks him to return the change. He smilingly does. Dolly, Sanjay, Rakhi, and Anu’s mother and brother leave. Family gets disappointed for their first customer till evening. Mamaji jokes. Kavya yells she told them nobody will come here. An old man walks in. They all happily greet him. He asks address and leaves. Kavya yells if it was easy to run a business, then nobody would like to bear boss’ taunts. Baa shuts her mouth. Samar asks Kinjal if they messaged their friends and hopes anyone will turn up. Baa says she messaged even her society friends and someone must come.

Precap: Anu asks family to act as customer to grab customer’s attention as a marketing strategy. Kavya yells nobody will come even if they do this.

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