Anupama 19th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Anuj Receive Surprise Gifts

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Anupama 19th April 2022 Written Episode

Jignesh jokes with Hasmukh that people are riding a horse with a sword and he is standing on a stool with a broom. Anupama serves them tea. Jignesh forgets their conversation. Anuj rushes in calling Anupama. Leela taunts that she never saw such restless groom like Anuj and taunts Kavya that Vanraj became too sober after marrying her. Kavya asks her to give proper examples. Hasmukh and others at once ask Anuj why he came early morning. Anuj says he received big bags and came in to seek permission to bring them in. Vanraj brings the bag. Leela asks why did he bring the bags. Vanraj says he didn’t want garbage picker to consider them as garbage. Leela says their marriage and guests are a garbage. Jignesh taunts even she is a guest and a garbage then.

Anupama asks what is in the bags. Anuj says he doesn’t know, actually these packets came for him and Anupama and hence he brought them here. Samar asks them to open it together then. Anuj says its a brilliant idea and opens bags. Samar says let us click unboxing video and asks Anu and Anuj to come closer. Anuj asks Pakhi to join them. They notice lots of cards and gifts. Kavya asks howmany relatives they have. Leela comments relatives don’t have time to message, who sends letters. They notice letters from all around the country and world. Kavya asks what is written in them. Anuj says Anu’s proposal video got viral, so people sent them best wishes in letters and gifts.

Jignesh, Samar, Pakhi, and Kinjal read letters and notice people’s amiring Anupama and Anuj. Leela and her team feel jealous hearing that. Kavya finds criticising letters next. Leela feels happy hearing that. Anupama and Anuj laugh saying criticism is a part of life. Leela feels jealous and try to comment again but fails. Hasmukh and team continue to read the letters and show the gifts and blessings sent by admirers, leaving Anupama emotional and Leela’s team more jealous. Anupama gets overwhelmed seeing so much love for her and then feels sad seeing Leela and her team’s jealousy. Hasmukh comments they are like fused bulbs, so she shouldn’t look at their face but the smiling face of her team.

Anupama says its god’s blessings that she can inspire someone. Letters fall down. Pakhi picks them. Anupama thanks god that Pakhi is on her side now and hopes Toshu also attends her wedding as her happiness is incomplete without him. Jignesh asks when is the wedding. Hasmukh says there are many prewedding rituals first and then marriage, they all will rock. Team supports him.

Leela notices Dolly preparing for the first prewedding ritual and warns her to stay away from Anupama’s wedding or else she may face her in-laws’ and friends’ flacks. Dolly says she stresses on one phrase like a worn record that people get irritated because of her, earlier she was stuck at Daadi ki shadi and now staring Bhabhi ki shadi, she should or else people’s ears will start bleeding. Leela tries her best to convince her to not attend Anupama’s wedding. Dolly gets adamant. Their argument starts. Dolly asks her to curse her daughter if she can, but she curses only Anupama. She warns her to either support another woman or just create a drama. Leela yells everyone are busy in in planning Anupama’s wedding and curses that the first prewedding ritual should fail. She frowns more hearing family’s excitement and thanks god that her mother doesn’t know about this wedding or else she will wreck havoc.

Precap: Leela taunts Hasmukh that Bhavesh and Sanjay are not present to perform perform a prewedding ritual with Hasmuk, Samar, and Jignesh, now Anupama’s first wedding ritual itself will be complete. Vanraj walks to them, shocking Leela.

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