Anupama 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Samar And Rohan’s Fight

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Anupama 18th October 2021 Written Episode

Anuj tells Anupama that he knows its their family matter, but they should do something regarding Rohan before he troubles Nandini again. Vanraj says he will look after Rohan and thanks Anuj for his concern towards his son. Anuj says absolutely no stress Mr Shah. Vanraj asks where can he find Rohan. Nandini gets afraid and requests not to develop enmity with Rohan as he is very dangerous. Vanraj says Rohan already did, they just need to follow it, he is not so weak to let someone go who troubles his children. Anu says if they spare Rohan now, he may harm her more, he should be fearing instead of her. Kavya backs her. Bapuji says Nandini should stay with them until this issue sorts out. Kinjal tells Nandini that they are lucky to have such a good in-laws who support them unconditionally and its rare to find this kind of family in this country. Anu says as Bapuji says, Nandini will stay with them, they will end a mahisasur/evil like Rohan tomorrow on dussehra. Vanraj says he wants to break Rohan’s head right now. Anuj says he would broken Rohan’s head with his hockey stick if someone had eyed on his love, but this is wrong way and then can use legal route. He turns and not finding Samar thinks he must have gone to this room to rest. Anu also asks about Samar. Pakhi says he must have gone to his room to rest. Samar fumes on Rohan remembering Anuj’s words.

Anuj prays god to complete Samar’s love story at least. Anu walks to him and asks if he thinks she didn’t notice him going. Anuj thinks he left unnoticed even 26 years ago. She says she didn’t now that he will silently walk out, but now knows. Anuj says seeing the environment at home, he didn’t want Baa and Vanraj make uncomfortable. Anu says she wants to tell him something. He asks not to say thanks. She says something else and says she is very lucky that he is with her. He asks is it. She says yes, a person who brings smile on her children’s face and protects them is very special. He asks her not to worry if she gets any problem. She says will not as she knows he is there with her. He says he had to as they are partners. She says yes and greets him good bye. He walks towards his car smiling. Teri Ummeed Tera Intezar Karte Hain.. song plays in the background.

Anu returns home. Kavya tells family they will file police complaint tomorrow against Rohan. Anu says tomorrow is dusshera, and with god’s blessings, everything will be fine. Vanraj taunts that both god’s blessings and Anuj’s favors as he doesn’t let anything wrong happen, she must have gone out to thank Anuj. She says she will thank him if Anuj does and criticize Vanraj if he does wrong. Vanraj remembering Samar hugging Anuj thinks Anuj became hero even in his children’s lives, but he will make him back to zero soon. Samar calls Rohan and provokes to meet him tomorrow and settle their scores. Anuj returns home dancing. GK says it means Nandini is found and Anu told something which him happy. Anuj says yes. GK says they will enjoy a lot this dussehra then.

Next morning, Shah family performs Devimaa’s pooja wile Anuj and GK perform pooja at their house. Samar gets Rohan’s message and leaves. He reads Rohan and their fight starts. Anu senses Samar in trouble. Samar and Rohan’s brutal fight continues. Samar then reaches Anuj’s house in a dilapidated state. Anuj asks what did he do. Samar says he did what Anuj would have done, he punished Rohan for his sins; he cannot return home as family will blame mummy. Anuj says he did wrong and his parents have right to know everything. Samar denies to speak to them. Anu gets worried not noticing Samar and informing family calls him. Anuj sends message via Samar’s number that he is fine. Anu relaxes. Family says he should have gone after informing him. Anuj tells Samar that one gets angry if someone eyes their love, but heart cannot think and they need to think wisely. Samar says he followed his advice. Anuj says he didn’t listen completely and reacted just like any other new generation kids, his act will not help Nandini but will satisfy only his ego, his girl can fight her own battle and he just needed to support her, etc. He then asks what exactly he did. Samar says he hit Rohan with a rod and came here. Anuj gets more worried.

Precap: Samar buys lehanga for Anu and asks Nandini to give it to her. Anu wears lehanga. Anuj’s letter for her falls down.
Vanraj reads it and stands fuming.

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