Anupama 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Bapuji’s Stern Decision

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Anupama 18th November 2021 Written Episode

Anupama serves jalebis and rabri to Bapuji to cheer him up. Mamaji enters. Bapuji walks to him and asks if he came to meet him. Mamaji cries hugging him and says he came to stay with him and requests Anu to give him a place somewhere in her house, but not separate him from his jijaji. He asks Ramanuj/Anuj to recommend. Anuj says his name is Ramanuj. Anu says its his and Bapuji’s house. Mamaji jokes. Samar brings breakfast for them all. Anuj recites shayari seeing them happy. Vanraj calls Mamaji. Bapuij asks not to pick it as he doesn’t want Vanraj to know what happened here, he doesn’t want Leela and Kavya to be in more trouble. Kavya enters and says Vanraj will not find out if he returns home with them. Baa walks in next. Bapuji remembers her humiliating him and feels aback. Anu holds his hand and comforts him. Anuj tries to leave. Kavya says its okay as issue is in open now. Anu also remembers Baa humiliating Bapuji and asks her to come in. Baa remembers Kavya brainwashing her bring Bapuji home at any cost and not let Anu win.

Vanraj calls Kavya and when she doesn’t pick call, he thinks why nobody is picking his call and decides to return home. He reaches home and asks Toshu if everything is fine. Toshu says yes, he will get him tea. He asks why nobody is at home. Toshu says they have gone to temple for new year celebration. Baa holds Bapuji’s hand and says let us go home. Baa holds Bapuji’s hand and says let us go home. She orders Anu to eave her husband’s hand and tells Bapuji that they should sort out their differences at home. Anu tells Bapuji that she can stop a father but not a husband. Bapuji frees his hand, sends Baa and Kavya out and locks door. Baa pleads to open the door. Bapuji says its a wall between them. Baa justifies that whatever she did was because of the injustice she suffered. She blames Anu that her husband and grandchildren left home because of her and even her daughter is not in talking terms. Bapuji says he supported her for years and now they will die alone. Baa continues beating door and continues cursing Anu. Bapuji opens door warning her that she will see not even see his dead face if she curses his daughter, drags her in and asks what she wants to say.

Vanraj asks Toshu why family is not yet back from temple. Toshu says they must be stuck in traffic. Bapuji asks if any taunts are still left. She justifies that she got angry when he left her hand and held someone else’s hand. Bapuji says she was wrong. She says he forgot her sacrifices. He says he remembers everything; she spent whole year in 2 saris but ironed one, he had empty wallet but lived with pride because of her, he had sweets everyday because of her, his son respects him because of her, but she also humiliated him and her brother doesn’t want to see her face because of her, her children left her alone on festival day because of her; her bad deeds ruin everything in seconds; her arrogance and bitter tongue broke him down and humiliated him to the core, etc. He says he always prayed god that his pride’s lifespan should be longer than his body’s lifespan, but she ruined it. He continues confronting her and shares good words of wisdom.

Baa asks him to return home and taunt her. He says he will not go home now, he is alive today because of her daughter. Baa continues. Anu asks her to calm down. Baa yells at her to shut up. Bapuji warns her not to say anything to his daughter and says he wants to live freely and laugh and hence he cannot come with her; she was with him for 50 years and showed him happier days; he did mistakes and she corrected them, now he doesn’t have courage to tolerate her nonsense anymore. Kavya asks what if Vanraj returns and questions. He says they should tell his father died and touching Baa’s feet pleads to let him live in peace. Baa leaves. Kavya gets Toshu’s message that Vanraj returned home and panics. Anu says tell him that Bapuji has gone out. Vanraj asks Toshu if something happened in his absence, checks Bapuji’s medicine box and asks why didn’t he take 2 doses. Toshu lies that they gave medicine from strip. Vanraj asks what is he hiding. Toshu excuses himself.

Precap: Vanraj warns Baa to not enter his house after what she did with his Bapuji and takes oath not to have even a drop of water until he brings Bapuji back home. Baa pleads Anu to convince Bapuji and bring him back home.

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